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  Number 432 | Julio 2017



Unsure where all this will end
We’re plodding toward the November 5 municipal elections in an atmosphere of uncertainty, distrust and a dearth of enthusiasm. The threat of the US Congress passing the Nica Act still hangs over us although those in the Ortega government assure us it’s “handleable.” Meanwhile the crisis in Venezuela is getting worse by the day as the OAS fails to find any mutually acceptable solution. ... continuar...


Nicaragua briets
PENAL REFORMS The National Assembly, now totally controlled by the governing party, approved reforms to the Penal Code and Penal Processing Code on June 20. The reforms, which sparked intense... continuar...


Mining brings us neither growth nor development
This environmental engineer shares information and his views on the extractivist model dominating the national economy. More specifically he analyzes the rapid advance of metallic mining, particularly for gold in our case, which takes everything out, leaving nothing but massive destruction, contamination and illness. ... continuar...

El Salvador

Impunity finally stands trial: The case of Herbert Anaya Sanabria
Those in power during the war years ensured permanent impunity, allowing the victims to be condemned and the criminals to be covered up. Today, 25 years after the Peace Accords and the repeal of the Amnesty Law, the murder of Herbert Anaya Sanabria, which deeply shook the country in 1987,is putting impunity on trial, in which the whole judicial system will be judged. ... continuar...


What will we be? Their backyard or our own home?
The United States is omnipresent in Honduras today with programs on drug-trafficking clean-up, safe communities, the fight against corruption, professionalizing the army, preparing new political leadership and more... all concerns that stem from their own interests. Herein lies the big paradox: The greater the US presence and investments in Honduras, the more Honduras is for Americans and less for Hondurans. ... continuar...

América Latina

The Venezuelan crisis poses a challenge for the Left
The Venezuelan crisis poses both a challenge and a dilemma for Latin America’s Left, dividing it and immersing it in debate. On one side are those who interpret what’s happening there as the result of imperialism’s aggressive strategy. They applaud Maduro’s repressive response and his dissolving of the Legislative Assembly, replacing it with a “Cuban-style” Constituent Assembly. Others, seeing Maduro’s government as undemocratic, argue that defense against all foreign interference must be based on more democracy, not more authoritarianism. ... continuar...

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