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  Number 424 | Noviembre 2016



A new move on the game board: The voters’ massive “NO!”
Daniel Ortega came to his shoe-in reelection bid pressured on two flanks: On one the Organization of American States hit him with the Democratic Charter, and on the other the US House of Representatives threatened him with the Nica Act. On election day itself, a hoped-for but unexpected third flank opened: a massive “NO” by Nicaragua’s voters. ... continuar...


Nicaragua briets
ELECTION EXPENSES This year’s atypical elections cost the country US$55.25 million, $12.6 million more than the last elections in 2011, with no explanation given for the increase. Another... continuar...


“We need new, authentic elections and a government of national unity”
Selected as the National Coalition for Democracy’s vice presidential candidate only days before Daniel Ortega blocked the Coalition’s participation in November’s electoral race, this long-time social activist shares her views on politics, politicians and the country she wants to see today and in the future. ... continuar...


“This time they committed the perfect fraud”
This political analyst and expert on electoral statistics diligently studied the electoral frauds of 2008 and 2011. to understand better what happened on November 6, 2016. He explains his findings in an interview with envío. ... continuar...


Four keys to the volatile success of the Ortega-Murillo project
Daniel Ortega just won his third consecutive term and the fourth term overall since he was first elected in 1984, this time with historically unprecedented voter abstention. In addition to evidence of a massively corrupted electoral system, other reasons explain why he’s been successful in recent years. Will the massive abstention of November 6 be an early sign of how volatile these successes are? It’s too soon to know, but this article offers four clues to keep an eye on. ... continuar...


Peasant voices against the canal Project
On October 14 the International Federation for Human Rights, founded in 1922 and thus the oldest worldwide organization defending human rights, today consisting of 184 national human rights organizations in 112 countries, presented in Managua a report on the human rights violations represented by Nicaragua’s interoceanic canal project so far and will represent in the future. As input for this important document, the Nicaraguan Human Rights Center did a field study in communities along the canal route. ... continuar...


Green glimpses of hope against a blood red background
“I will be Honduras’ next President with the will of Honduras’ people and my party’s support,” confidently proclaimed Juan Orlando Hernández before a gathering of some ten thousand backers. Many see the incumbent President’s reelection plan as a pathway to the installation of a Honduran version of Daniel Ortega’s permanent presidency project in Nicaragua. ... continuar...


“We lack the imagination to think of alternatives”
During his inaugural presentation titled “Alternatives: A challenge to sociological imagination,” delivered at the 15th Central American Congress of Sociology held at Managua’s Central American University on October 11-14, Portuguese sociologist Boaventura de Sousa Santos urged his attending Central American colleagues to democratize society by de-colonizing, de-marketizing and de-patriarchalizing it. He also urged universities themselves not to continue cranking out conformists. “The time has come to form competent rebels” were the closing words of his talk, which we present below ... continuar...

América Latina

The Trump shock in Latin America
As we wait to see what the new US President might do or undo in the rest or the world, Mexican political scientist Jorge Castañeda predicts that his country will be the one most affected in Latin America given Trump’s harsh migratory and protectionist policies. But he also perceives Trump’s election as an “unmitigated disaster” for the entire region. ... continuar...

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