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  Number 422 | Septiembre 2016



To vote or not to vote? That is the question
Everything Daniel Ortega has done since June to delegitimize Nicaragua’s upcoming elections has steadily increased international concern about what’s going on in this country. Inside Nicaragua itself, it has led to a rephrasing of Hamlet’s existential question “To be or not to be” into the political question “To vote or not to vote.” With less than two months to go until election day, the question is being debated more and more ... continuar...


Nicaragua briets
MASAYA VOLCANO National Geographic’s documentary producer Sam Cossman and former NASA astronaut Scott Parazinsky left Nicaragua at the end of August after capturing magnificent images of the... continuar...


The task right now is to avoid the consolidation of a family dictatorship
Known as Comandante “Modesto” in the guerrilla struggle against Somoza, and one of the nine members of the FSLN’s historical National Directorate, the respected author offers broad brushstrokes of Nicaragua’s reality today then calls on the population to abstain from voting in the November 6 elections. ... continuar...


Thousands of African migrants on our borders
Central American governments, including ours, were able to keep quiet for years about Africans arriving on our borders, but they no longer can. Thousands are coming and will keep on doing so, for many interrelated reasons, no longer just “economic” or the pull of the American Dream. The presence of certain African nationalities is increasing at the same rate as lucrative investments in biofuels, land grabbing and expulsions. ... continuar...


What does settler Catalino’s story tell us?
Mestizo settlers and indigenous people are both pieces in a perverse chess game between local and extra-regional power groups in the Caribbean Coast. We find scenes from this dispute in Bosawás. When it comes to power there are no good guys and bad guys, just useful and useless ones, depending on the moment’s interests. The aim of this text’s author is to promote a critical debate that more adequately describes who the settlers are, as they are frequently pegged without nuance as the bad guys. ... continuar...


Two campaign paths crossing: Clinton-Kaine’s and Hernández’s
Honduras has entered the Democratic Party’s electoral campaign at a time when Juan Orlando Hernández’s reelection project is moving steadily forward. The Hillary Clinton-Tim Kaine presidential campaign in the US is linked to Hernández’ reelection in two ways: Kaine has “a love” for Honduras that goes way back, and JOH has US support to keep governing. ... continuar...


The challenge to avoid catastrophe is to reunite power and politics
Philosophy professor Jordi Corominas has selected texts by sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, known for his studies on modernity and postmodernity, to speak of these times in which loves and fears, surveillance and art are what Bauman terms “liquid.” In these reflections Bauman warns of the profound changes that will be required if we are to avoid more violent scenarios and even wars between nations. ... continuar...

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