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  Number 418 | Mayo 2016



How many more stones are in the river?
Over a year ago we offered in these pages an adage of Chinese politicians who advise “crossing the river by feeling for the stones.” We remarked that Daniel Ortega would have to feel for quite a few stones to get across his third reelection river. Have their numbers multiplied or dropped 15 months later? ... continuar...


Nicaragua briets
DEFORESTATION CRISIS In mid-April the presidential office finally reacted to weeks of pressure from residents of the mountainous northern area of Dipilto-Jalapa over the clear-cutting of pine... continuar...


We have to adopt not just a tree, but Nicaragua itself to save it from disaster
This expert on water and sanitation issues explains crucial aspects of Nicaragua’s water crisis, a national concern that has been growing in recent months as more and more rivers, wells and other bodies of water dry up. ... continuar...


We’re facing the worst environmental crisis in recent history
Environmental problems shouldn’t just be the concern of environmentalists. Climate change is an environmental nightmare to which Nicaragua has contributed very little, but our own recent environmental disasters can be laid at the feet of indolent authorities and short-sighted businesses with predatory practices. People who fail to protest or who act irresponsibly also share the blame for what’s happening today. This report by a national environmentalist NGO sounds the alarm for us to change course. ... continuar...

El Salvador

The pension system reform is a reversal for the neoliberal model
The privatization of El Salvador’s pension system in 1996 was an emblematic event in the consolidation of neoliberalism here. The FMLN government’s proposed reform will reduce the earnings of the PFAs, one of the country’s most lucrative businesses of all time. It is the second major initiative the two FMLN governments have taken against the neoliberal model and, most importantly, will be a people’s victory. ... continuar...


A history of challenging messages
The Zapatista movement has proved to be exceptionally collective and provocative in its thinking, actions, feelings and transformations. In only a brief review of its messages, we can capture this movement’s essence, crucial in our continent’s history. ... continuar...

América Latina

Rubén Darío, Latin American reader of European culture
Poet Rubén Darío, “the universal Nicaraguan,” was also a passionate reader of European culture at a time when the old world was going through a period of accelerated transformations. Today, with the whole world doing the same, our “inevitable fellow countryman” Darío can teach us a lot via his critical eye, his desire to study things from all perspectives, and his provocative spirit. ... continuar...

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