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  Number 416 | Marzo 2016



Unifying of the dispersed forces and reckless signs of power
Those who are demanding a change in the country’s direction are working to ensure that November’s elections are transparent to prevent the specter of a new fraud from materializing. They are also working for the greatest unity possible to give voters clear and opposing choices. Meanwhile, Daniel Ortega’s closest circle sent several reckless messages last month that suggest fear of transparency and unity as well as a willingness to pay any price for a third consecutive reelection. ... continuar...


Nicaragua briets
HONDURAN HUMAN RIGHTS LEADER BERTHA CÁCERES MURDERED In the early morning of March 3, Bertha Cáceres, a leader of Honduras’ Lenca people whose entire life was dedicated to their human rights... continuar...


Has the government’s communication strategy worked?
This veteran national journalist shares his thoughts about the government’s communication strategy, the results and interpretations of some recent surveys and the situation of the independent media ... continuar...


Only human development produces economic development
Fernando Cardenal, who died at 82 on February 20, was a lifelong and fervent educator. This text, first published in envío over 20 years ago, is still enormously relevant in today’s Nicaragua, as its current government and business allies only talk of the wonders of economic development, totally ignoring or at best forgetting human development, and its government has provoked a grave conflict with the United Nations Development Programme, a pioneer in showing the importance of human development over that of the GDP in its annual Human Development Index, a project Father Cardenal praised. ... continuar...

El Salvador

Minimum wage history, struggles, maneuvers and proposals
This is the first time in El Salvador’s history that such disparate organizations have issued such diverse proposals to increase the minimum wage. It speaks to the capacity of the current leftwing government to stimulate widespread participation in public policy formulation. Never before has there been a real debate on this issue. In the past, the rightwing governments simply cut deals among the upper echelons. ... continuar...


Francis: Pastor... and Head of State
What would a visit by the Bishop of Rome be like if he only went as a pastor and no longer a Head of State because that role had been handed over to a layperson? Pastoral gestures mixed with politically correct expressions by a foreign Head of State during Pope Francis’ visit to Mexico. All his messages, marked by this double function, now remain for reflection and discernment. ... continuar...

América Latina

Is “lactose” really a missing ingredient in Latin America’s leftist movement?
Are we witnessing the end of the cycle for Latin America’s progressive governments or, perhaps better said, their demise? Might it be that, anti-imperialist rhetoric aside, relying on extracting and exporting raw materials and fully inserting their countries into the global market has distanced them from the leftist movements that gave them birth? ... continuar...

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