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  Number 413 | Diciembre 2015



Steeled against “risks” and “threats” Steeled against “risks” and “threats”
We’re about to enter a predictably difficult year. Being an election year, the Ortega-Murillo power group is armoring itself against “risks, threats and conflicts” to guarantee reelection and five more years of its political and economic model. ... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
CUBAN MIGRANTS STUCK AT THE BORDER Thousands of Cuban citizens trying to enter Nicaragua from Costa Rica on November 15 were prevented from crossing by a cordon of Nicaraguan anti-riot police.... continuar...


Interoceanic canal: “Stop that project!”
A few days before the United Nations COP-21 began in Paris, in which the countries must pledge to detain climate change if the planet is to remain habitable for other than cockroaches, Pope Francis said from the UN’s headquarters in Nairobi: “It would be sad, and I dare say even catastrophic, were particular interests to prevail over the common good and lead to manipulating information in order to protect their own plans and projects.” That’s exactly what Nicaragua’s government did by approving its interoceanic canal project, ignoring risks and threats that go against the common good. It also seems to be what those in COP-21 are doing. ... continuar...


Money laundering is a huge challenge for our institutions and our societies
The US government’s recent fingering of one of Honduras’ powerful business groups for money laundering is hopefully a wake-up call for Nicaragua and the rest of the region. If any of Central America’s even more powerful business groups are caught in the same imprudent activity, the consequences will be devastating both for them and for all our societies. ... continuar...

El Salvador

<i>“El Buen Vivir”</i> and the <i>“Laudato Si’”</i>
The FMLN’s recently-held First Congress embraced “Salvadoran socialism,” as its national project. It is becoming synonymous with “El Buen Vivir,” a concept President Sánchez Cerén has been defining for years as “the name of our destiny.” This ideal is closely allied with Pope Francis’ encyclical given the correlations between “El Buen Vivir” and “Laudato Si’,” which calls upon everyone to “care for our common home.” ... continuar...


Challenging mental barriers and physical boundaries
Although the State builds walls to prevent entry, they unite the undocumented immigrants circumventing them without needing to belong to an organization or a movement. Breaching walls and fences sends an empowering political message: We know it’s forbidden to cross but we have the right to and we can. Those who cross borders demonstrate massive civil disobedience: they are denying the State the right to stop them. ... continuar...


They’re always watching us: The end of private life
One Web inventor believes private life “is now an anomaly.” And another of the Internet pioneers is yet more pessimistic: “Our private life has come to an end and it’s impossible to recover” This is a product of the unimaginable digital revolution we live in. And Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are imprisoned for “blowing the whistle.” ... continuar...

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