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  Number 409 | Agosto 2015



Some are already milling around the electoral starting gate
With almost a year still to go before the starting gun is fired for next year’s electoral race, what runners are already jockeying for position at the gate? Even this early there’s food for analyses, or at least for the imagination, as the elections already begin to take their place in many people’s mind. ... continuar...


CORRUPTION IN THE TUMARÍN HYDROELECTRIC PROJECT The digital publication Istoé Brasil reported in early August that the private Brazilian companies Eletrobras and Queiroz Galvao are... continuar...


We need to demand annulment of the canal concession and law
This environmental expert shares information and her reflections regarding the twisted road taken so far by the interoceanic canal megaproject. ... continuar...


Between prison fires and media bonfires, empathy is lost
In a setting of as much violence as in today’s Honduras, society is suffering from a generalized fear and a dissociation of empathy, especially when the victims are from the poorest social sectors. ... continuar...


Critical thought versus the capitalist hydra
The Zapatistas held an international seminar in early May that they titled “Critical Thought Versus the Capitalist Hydra.“ It was a week-long event, with intense workdays full of passion, and many voices warning of the damaging advances of capitalism, which we must stop with rebellion, resistance, organization and hope. This is only a summary of some of the thoughts shared, mere seeds of the ideas offered by intellectuals and activists from all over the world. ... continuar...


The power of theater on the Mexican-US border: Solid and liquid border vigilance (Part 4)
One of the most revealing theories in trying to understand what’s happening on the world’s most watched border is theatricality. More than the number of actors, what’s important in this drama is the number of media spectators: a militarized border is the best proof that “the homeland is threatened” ... by migrants, who the policing theater portray as doubly dangerous: they are not only “criminals” but also foreigners. ... continuar...

América Latina

How the Evangelical communities have grown
The Evangelical population is growing all over Latin America; including Nicaragua and the rest of Central America. This schematic summary of three stages in which the quantitative growth and the qualitative variants of Evangelical growth in the continent can be classified is offered as an issue open for debate and reflection. ... continuar...

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