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  Number 398 | Septiembre 2014
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Clouds in the government’s statistical heaven
Extended drought, hunger, thirst, skyrocketing prices for beans and other staples, repercussions from the coffee fungus plague, economic downturn, budget cuts, no more US import duty privilege for the... continuar...


A BIRD? A FISH? A METEORITE? At roughly 11:30 the night of September 6, a huge explosion in a wooded area perilously near Managua’s international airport and an adjacent Air Force base shook... continuar...


The politicizing of the institutions is the greatest risk to our security
It goes without saying that we must condemn the shooting at the convoys of buses taking people back to northern municipalities after celebrating the 35th anniversary of the revolution in Managua that... continuar...


Rape-imposed motherhood has a little girl’s face
As you are reading this text, a girl, a teenager or a woman is being sexually abused somewhere in Nicaragua. And on top of the trauma of sexual aggression experienced by so many Nicaraguan girls, many... continuar...


The canal will affect ecosystems, species and even genes
Before talking about the impact the interoceanic canal will have on the environment and biodiversity, we would like to touch on some points that, although they may seem unrelated to the issue, end up... continuar...

El Salvador

“We must remove the tattoo from this country’s soul”
The social work done by religious workers who belong to Servicio Social Pasionista SSPAS, a nonprofit civil society peace organization of the Corporación de la Pasión in El Salvador] comes from the importance... continuar...


To seek asylum or to go without papers? That is the question
Many Central American migrants who recently crossed the Mexican-US border as well as those who have lived in the United States for months or even years now face a dilemma: give themselves up to the... continuar...

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