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  Number 397 | Agosto 2014



Will we always use violence to deal with our problems?
The July 19 celebration of the revolution’s 35th anniversary was preceded by enthusiastic announcements about the promising future that awaits us with the construction of the Grand Interoceanic Canal. But it was followed by a criminal attack that took us back to the terrible past of the eighties’ war between brothers, showing how open the wounds of those years still are.... continuar...


EXPLOSIVES FOR THE CANAL Tiang Je, an executive of the HKND Group, the Chinese company granted the interoceanic canal construction concession, announced that they would build an explosives factory... continuar...


How much longer will the country’s water last?
This former executive president of ENACAL, the national water and sanitation utility, paints a bleak picture of today’s critical situation with Nicaragua’s water resources.... continuar...


There’ll be no development by ignoring Science
We aren’t addressing the challenge we have with Bosawás, and now we’ve got a huge new one with the part of the Caribbean given us by the ruling of the International Court at The Hague in November 2012. As the waters now ours contain the Atlantic’s largest barrier reef; we’ve been given a treasure to study and use sustainably. The possibilities are enormous. But if we continue to ignore Science, as we always have, we’ll waste the opportunity and fail the challenge.... continuar...


Why so many immigrants? The cup ranneth over...
More than two decades ago they promised us Honduras would grow, that the cup would finally overflow with profits and they would trickle down to the poor. But the real spill is the emigrant tide; the cup filled with disasters and has now overflowed. Neoliberal adjustments, the environmental-social tragedy of hurricane Mitch, DR-CAFTA, the coup in 2009 and the impunity and corruption in Honduran politics are behind the wave of children and adults who have arrived at the US borders.... continuar...


Does the US bear responsibility for the violence they’re fleeing?
The cruelest forms of violence Central Americans are fleeing from are associated with the region’s relationship with the United States: it involves the deportation of gang members, the dynamic drug market, the strengthening of the military, the creation and training of repressive forces, and the arms trade that supplies organized crime. Humanitarian organizations neither name nor explain these factors. They’ve generally ignored the background to asylum requests, concentrating instead on “unaccompanied minors” to appeal to the general public’s compassion.... continuar...

América Latina

We need a mining moratorium given the obsession for gold
It’s hard to argue that community wellbeing or the planet’s industrial development depends on continued mining for gold, which is advancing at breakneck speed, when the gold is then mostly used for jewelry and the financial world. An environmentally responsible social response to this dramatic situation is a moratorium. ... continuar...

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