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  Number 396 | Julio 2014



Signs of climate change North and South
The presence along the Pacific Coast of the ocean current called El Niño, a regular phenomenon, is combining with signs of global climate change to produce delayed and irregular rains, with livestock already dying in the driest areas. The possibility of a severe drought is causing alarm and uncertainty about the effects this could have on the fragile national and individual economies. There are also signs of a climate change in the United States and Venezuela. What effects will they have on the economy and on our national political scene?... continuar...


INTEROCEANIC CANAL On June 5, the web page of HKND, the company of Wang Jing, the businessman whom President Ortega granted the right to construct an interoceanic canal a year ago, announced... continuar...


What influence will Pope Francis have on the Nicaraguan Church?
A reflection on Pope Francis’ profile and the influence he’s having on the world …and possibly but not probably on the Nicaraguan Church.. ... continuar...


An expert speaks on political ethics
On his death on June 25, we pay homage to the author’s contribution by sharing some of the ideas he presented at a 1999 conference in Guatemala on “Democracy, citizen participation and education.” They bear witness to the humanist and ethical professional spirit of Nicaragua’s first Supreme Electoral Council president and bring home the electoral tragedy our country is submerged in today.... continuar...


My questions about July 19 on the 35th anniversary of the revolution
I find myself, as the new July 19 anniversary celebration approaches, reflecting on the significance of that transcendental feat in the nation’s history, grappling with the disconcerting and unsettling questions and concerns of a young person who didn’t participate in it.... continuar...


The interoceanic canal: An ever-present but never realized dream
Why has a Nicaraguan canal never been built, despite so many projects? Since the author never got a satisfactory answer to that question, he decided to search for the answer himself two years ago by systematizing the information available in the UCA’s Institute of History of Nicaragua and Central America. This is only some of what he discovered.... continuar...

El Salvador

The second FMLN government gets off to a good start
In his first month as President of El Salvador, Salvador Sánchez Cerén has won people’s respect and affection. His government has implemented convincing actions that have left the opposition with little comeback. “The Prof” has gotten off to a good start.... continuar...


Big and small fleeing from the geography of fear
“Central American children are crossing the border into the United States alone” fleeing “hot” lands in pursuit of “cool” places. Such daily headlines as these are causing a big stir. But we mustn’t forget they only represent a fifth of the people crossing that very same border seeking work, asylum and refuge, fleeing a Central America “heated up” with so many forms of violence, including sexual.... continuar...

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