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  Number 388 | Noviembre 2013



Rearming in the north and reforming the Constitution
The authoritarian model, the closing of spaces and the policies of exclusion and social control in areas that lived through the war of the eighties have led peasant groups to take up arms again. The planned reforms to the country’s Constitution will deepen the authoritarianism and the concentration of power in the President of the Republic and do not bode well for any attempts to deactivate this problem. In fact they are more likely to aggravate it.... continuar...


HEALTH RED ALERT Central America is grappling with the most serious dengue epidemic of the past five years. The Pan American Health Organization says the epidemic is due to a more resistant... continuar...


The reform of Law 779 sends society a very negative message
This specialist in women’s human rights shares her thoughts about Law 799, its history, its contents and its recent reform.... continuar...

El Salvador

Why have the lights been turned off at the Archbishopric’s Legal Protection Office?
By an arbitrary, authoritarian decision with no prior warning, the archbishop of San Salvador closed the Legal Protection Office, which housed the files documenting thousands of human rights violations committed during the war years. The victims of those times and their loved ones, human rights defenders and Church groups were all indignant about the decision. What interests are behind it?... continuar...


Mining is one of savage capitalism’s prime features
The Jesuits of Central America and Panama dedicated this year’s annual seminar of their Provincial Commission of the Social Apostolate to mining, in which we shared national experiences and heard national, regional and global presentations. One of our most important conclusions was that the mining strategy in Central America points up the importance of the struggle for democracy.... continuar...

América Latina

Trends and paradoxes of drug trafficking in Latin America
Drug trafficking is rapidly spreading through Latin America, changing form and increasingly affecting poor, vulnerable and marginalized people. Over 30 years of prohibition and repressive policies have failed as they haven’t broached the structural causes. Current trends and paradoxes in drug trafficking show us the urgency of shifting focus.... continuar...

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