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  Number 386 | Septiembre 2013



Two political initiatives and a canal in times of moral crisis
An important sector of the opposition to the ruling FSLN has just concluded an organizational process to take on that party. On the other side of the street, the governing party itself has announced a regrouping of its own political and social forces. Both initiatives invite us to think about what’s good for Nicaragua, particularly in light of the mammoth concessions made in recent months to a foreign businessman.... continuar...


NEVER-ENDING TERRITORIAL SQUABBLES WITH COSTA RICA… In a speech on August 13, President Ortega obliquely responded to Costa Rica’s insistence that oil explorations initiated by Nicaragua in... continuar...


The priority has to be enabling people to eat at least tortillas and beans all year
A close-up look at the reality of the rural sector and the peasant economy, the changes that have been wrought since the agrarian reform of the eightiesand what the FSLN government is doing about it all.... continuar...

El Salvador

Has the FMLN government been an economic failure?
In an interview with envío, Dominican economist César Villalona, who has lived in El Salvador for 23 years working as an economic and social researcher, unravels all the rightwing propaganda on the “economic failure” of President Mauricio Funes’ government.... continuar...


A river, an oak tree, a people, and exemplary resistance
The Lenca indigenous communities are resisting attempts by Sinohydro, a Chinese construction company, to build a dam on the Río Gualcarque, their sacred river. For months they’ve held off economic, political and armed forces from under an oak tree. Now they’ll have to face the recently elected attorney general, backed by the national associates of foreign entrepreneurs engaged in mining and other major businesses that are seriously affecting the communities.... continuar...


How self-help has become part of our common sense
The presence of self-help ideas in contemporary societies is a quantitatively and qualitatively significant phenomenon. Its mass circulation has been evident for decades. Is it anything more than just a sales success? What conditions have encouraged its spread? Is it a passing phenomenon, just another craze? What does its presence tell us?... continuar...

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