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  Number 374 | Septiembre 2012



Silver bullets 25 years after Esquipulas
It’s been 25 years since the signing of the Esquipulas II peace agreement that ultimately ended the wars flogging Central America and ushered in a regional commitment to build a “firm and lasting peace.” How are things in Nicaragua, 25 years later?... continuar...


BOSAWAS IN DANGER OF EXTINCTION A study financed by the German cooperation agency GTZ on deforestation and the agricultural frontier’s advance into the 20,000-square-kilometer Bosawas Biosphere... continuar...


The political grammar in the municipalities will change in 2013
This municipal expert reflects on how the changes designed by the executive branch will influence the municipalities after the upcoming elections, in both the composition of the municipal authorities and the way they are organized.... continuar...


Memories of a generation of internationalists
Why did so many from the United States come to participate in our revolutionary process with us? What did they come to offer? What did they learn from us? How did they experience the revolution’s electoral defeat in 1990? And why did some of them stay on in Nicaragua afterward? I’ve put together eight testimonies from that generation of people who came from the United States. Each story is interesting and admirable.... continuar...

El Salvador

A reflection on the institutional crisis
The recent ups and downs of the institutional crisis beg the question: Isn’t it finally time to change the country’s current Constitution, drawn up in wartime to prevent future structural changes? The road to a new Constituent Assembly is very long but those who want to see more and greater changes clearly need a new legal framework to make them happen.... continuar...


Military on trial and constitutional reforms
Major transformations are occurring in the world, Latin America and even in Guatemala. While we’re dealing with the impunity of violators of thousands of peoples’ human rights, exemplified by some military who’re now on trial, we still have to confront the impunity of those violating most peoples’ economic and social rights. Our struggles of yesterday and today need to converge.... continuar...


The third horseman of neoliberalism: The Neo-Pentecostals (part 3)
Neo-Pentecostalism is applying its mallet to the stones of the Catholic rubble. As Cuban songwriter Silvio Rodríguez put it, “¡Qué cosa fuera la maza sin cantera!” (What good the mallet without the stone?) But why are Catholics emigrating to neo-Pentecostalism? Our region abounds in religious investment schemes that are providing generous dividends.... continuar...


Letter from a young man who left
From Pomorie, Bulgaria, a young Cuban emigrant responds to the letter written in Havana that we published in our June issue. In his words we hear the disappointment, frustration and pain of a generation of young Cubans who decided to leave Cuba.... continuar...

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