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  Number 361 | Agosto 2011



Another five years with more of the same?
The governing party is confidently insisting that it will win the elections by a safe margin, It is further fostering the image in all the media that President Ortega’s second consecutive term will simply be an improved version of the first one. But the setting today is very different from 2006.... continuar...


FACUNDO CABRAL’S MURDERER HAS NICARAGUAN LINKS Central Americans were deeply moved by the killing on July 9 in Guatemala of Argentine singer-songwriter Facundo Cabral while being driven to the... continuar...


What can and should a new government do about the economy?
Reflections on some of the candidates’ electoral promises and on the economic changes that a new government— or the current governing party, if reelected— could implement to improve our country.... continuar...


A null vote is a lucid vote in these elections
On the eve of the elections, as he prepares to leave office, President Álvaro Colom summarized his government, which he described as social democratic, in positive terms. “The changes… are almost an offence for those used to impunity, those living without fiscal reform and the drug traffickers.” But he referred to a still unresolved structural problem: child malnutrition, which affects half of the country’s children. Will the election results bring any change to these and other dramas?... continuar...


The Comfort Caravan’s achievements
The Comfort Caravan, an expression of the movement started by poet Javier Sicilia, has affected public opinion, showing that he’s touched a nerve in Mexican society. The Caravan seeks to give meaning to the build-up of pain and suffering provoked by President Calderón’s drug war. Sicilia’s movement, born of grief, makes the victims visible, unites families destroyed by so many deaths and lets them set fear aside to comfort each other.... continuar...


The first horseman of neoliberalism: Drug traffickers
Drug trafficking, both wholesale and retail, has changed Central America’s “dessert economies” into increasingly more profitable and globalized “vice economies.” Wholesale drug trafficking affects politics and politicians and controls States. Retail drug dealing and its accompanying philanthropy changes municipalities, promotes development and provides employment. Drug traffickers are competitive and socially responsible capitalist entrepreneurs, The cost is violence. And the challenge is phenomenal.... continuar...


Observations on Cuba’s reality
These are some impressions by envío’s Honduran correspondent, who visited Cuba time just before it marked 20 years of its “special period.” The government is banking on new economic “guidelines” to save Cuba and its revolution from a prolonged crisis that’s not just economic, but also social and generational.... continuar...

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