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  Number 359 | Junio 2011



The end of a cycle or another FSLN mutation?
The departure of retired Colonel Lenín Cerna from his post as FSLN organizational secretary is important to both the national political scene and the pre-electoral scenario. Is it the end of an evolution-involution cycle or the start of a new governing party mutation? It’s a relevant question 50 years since the founding of the FSLN and 31 years since the beginning of the revolution it led.... continuar...


THE CRISIS IN EL NUEVO DIARIO In early May El Nuevo Diario’s journalists and public readers spend days of tense concern following an announcement by the newspaper that due to grave financial... continuar...


All governments have used the police for their own interests
This guerrilla commander, then brigade commander, then director general of the National Police (1979-1982 and 1989-1992) reflects on the evolution of the Nicaraguan police force, particularly in light of recent events.... continuar...


Guatemala’s electoral dilemma
Guatemala’s electorate faces a big dilemma in September: which of the two candidates leading in all the polls to vote for. A hard hand but no heart, or social sensibility and no scruples? The slogan of Otto Pérez Molina, a retired military man, is “A hard hand, a head and a heart” and it’s clear which is in last place. Sandra Torres, who divorced President Colom in what’s seen as “legal fraud,” is socially sensitive and is a good administrator and organizer, but her authoritarian leanings and lack of scruples are impossible to hide.... continuar...


Zelaya’s back with agreements under his hat
Deposed President Mel Zelaya’s return doesn’t mean the return of democracy to Honduras, as some, swayed by the rhetoric, think or hurried to say. The Cartagena Agreements that allowed him to come back contain some good points and send positive signals, but they also contain shadows and risks as they leave intact the human rights violations that provoked the coup and make no reference to the deeper problems always left unresolved.... continuar...


We’re sick to death!
In a dramatic setting of violence heightened by an ineffective drug war, the murder of poet Javier Sicilia’s son has unleashed a grassroots movement clamoring for an end to the war with fair compensation for its victims. Demonstrations by indignant citizens “sick to death of it” are voicing demands, proposals and complaints all over Mexico.... continuar...


The four horsemen of neoliberalismo in the vacuum left by waged work
Neoliberalism has unleashed four horsemen across Central America: drug trafficking, NGOs, youth gangs and fundamentalist evangelizing churches. They gallop across a devastated land of unemployment, underemployment and a range of uncertain and ephemeral forms of self-employment… They are free to trod the land thanks to the decline of waged work in Central America and the rest of the world.... continuar...


2010-2030: The end of a World
On May 10, as we gave our printer Chapter 5 of the extensive, committed and enlightening book, The Anthropocene: The Ecological Crisis Goes Global, its author, Ramón Fernández Durán, died in Madrid at 64. In memory of his lucid mind and his sensitive heart, we’re publishing extracts from his last book —a warning about the end of “a world”— and excerpts from his farewell letter to his friends.... continuar...

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