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  Number 358 | Mayo 2011
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A storm hit when the sky seemed calm
In April and May, before Nicaragua’s “winter” officially sets in with its refreshing rains, it’s always sweltering and there’s tension in the air. There’s no choice but to tough it out and wait. This year, the electoral climate was also dominated by the suffocating calm of tense expectation, while the governing party was forced to deal with a violent thunderstorm that reflected the grave implications of the model it has imposed in public administration.... continuar...


CARDINAL OBANDO ATTENDS BEATIFICATION Cardinal Miguel Obando attended the beatification of Pope John Paul II in Rome on May 1 at the invitation of Pope Benedict XVI. Obando was one of 20 cardinals... continuar...


Without structural changes there’ll be no sustainable reduction of rural poverty
A first-hand, passionate analysis of a number of the structural problems in the agricultural sector and the insufficient public policies for the sector.... continuar...


Tell me the house you live in, and I’ll tell you if you receive remittances
How are the remittances received in Chinandega used? Here are the responses of Chinandegan households. We are what we buy, and what the Chinandegan population has bought in 10 years with the remittances of its emigrants has “civilized, modernized, urbanized, Westernized and gringo-ified” that patch of Nicaragua, replacing the rural world and the world of work with the world of consumption.... continuar...

El Salvador

The lights of ALBA on El Salvador’s horizon
The introduction of ALBA Petróleos into the Salvadoran market could be a step towards de-privatizing fuel imports, until recently monopolized by the multinational oil companies. Another positive development is Venezuela’s regional integration initiative. In the May First celebrations, one banner that stood out said, “Only the people united will never be defeated! Long live ALBA…with or without Funes!”... continuar...


The ecological crisis goes global: Gaia’s revenge
The unchecked expansion of the Earth’s Second Layer —the urban-agro-industrial system’s dominant areas— is destroying the First Layer—that of Mother Nature. The Third Layer—the info-sphere, cyberspace, virtual reality,— is playing a major role in this ecological destruction by camouflaging the crisis. But it can no longer be hidden: we’re witnessing Gaia’s revenge.... continuar...


What is a secular society like?
Being secular means living in an actively tolerant culture. Being secular means respecting society’s pluralism. and acknowledging the pluralist tendencies in all religions. Secularism is a liberation movement, a sense of our limits and of our capacity to learn from others.... continuar...

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