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  Number 357 | Abril 2011



The Five Slots on November’s Ballot
Things are starting to get defined for the November 6 general elections. We now know we have five presidential candidates, but we don’t know much more than that because of the pervasive uncertainty surrounding this year’s electoral process.... continuar...


ORTEGA’S INAUGURAL LESSON The news in March that the FSLN’s electoral campaign chief in León would be Róger Gurdián, rector of León’s National Autonomous University (UNAN) campus , raised concern... continuar...


Is Ortega’s Project Christian? And What is the Church’s Project?
A brief historical review of Nicaragua’s predominant religiosity and an analysis of both the FSLN’s current social policies and the government’s relations with the religious authorities.... continuar...


Chinandega’s Navigation In the Sea of Globalization
In Nicaragua’s fertile northwest area of Chinandega, people are constructing and deconstructing globalization. Over 30% of the population has left the now orange-less City of Oranges pushed out by cotton fields, fleeing the bad pay of the sugar cane plantations, refusing to take it lying down when the peanut business turned its back on them. They can now be found in many different countries: the United States, Costa Rica, Spain, Panama… building globalization their own particular way.... continuar...


A Model City for a Society in Tatters
Neoliberal economist Paul Romer wants Honduras to be the guinea pig for his extremist ideas. He’s recommending the creation of economic, political, juridical and social arenas totally open to transnational capital investment on our territory for a century or more, little autonomous states within the State untouchable by national laws and authorities. “Model Cities” are the new disguise of enclaves, as Honduras, the “banana republic,” knows well. We’re all too familiar with such exploitation of our land, resources and people.... continuar...


They’re Threatening Us with “Open Inferno” Mining
Having long lived in extreme poverty, Panama’s indigenous people are now also being threatened with eviction from their lands by mining concessions. Panama’s bishops have spoken out firmly against this: “Not all investment is desirable. Such is the case of mining, which together with deforestation, has become the greatest threat to environmental sustainability…”... continuar...


The Lost War against Drugs And Other Wars
The war on drug traffickers and organized crime is lost and its net result will be enormous profits, thousands dead and a broken nation. Mexico’s government is compounding this by using its national war against drugs to crush the Zapatistas in a local war. This “other war” isn’t limited to Chiapas, but is being brutally directed against indigenous communities all over the country that are defending their territories against the government and the market. ... continuar...


A Needed Consideration of the Gaddafi Case
Rivers of blood are flowing in Libya in a civil war inflamed by the repression that nation’s ruler unleashed. And rivers of words are flowing in the world’s media, analyzing that country’s past, present and future. From Nicaragua, whose government insists on blind, unconditional solidarity with Gaddafi through speeches and demonstrations in the streets and even schools, come these simple, apt and needed lines.... continuar...

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