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  Number 356 | Marzo 2011



The Libyan Connection
Just as Nicaragua’s political parties were making and breaking alliances, under pressure to register them to meet the strict electoral calendar, the grassroots revolt in Libya exploded, an aftershock of the earthquake that already shook the Arab world. President Ortega has close connections with Libya, and what is happening there provides insights about Nicaragua’s governing party.... continuar...


CORRUPTION IN THE ELECTORAL BRANCH For several days in the last week of February, El Nuevo Diario ran a powerful investigative series by reporters Luis Galeano and José Adán Silva detailing... continuar...


The FSLN Will Surely Win the Presidency But Also Wants a Qualified Majority in Parliament
This seasoned Nicaraguan journalist analyzes the government’s achievements, strengths and aspirations and the divided opposition’s chances as they all head into this election year.... continuar...

El Salvador

Medicines: A Struggle between Rich and Poor
Medicines in El Salvador are sold at the highest prices in Central America. The pharmaceutical companies’ profits are astronomical. There’s an obvious conflict of interest between the pharmaceuticals and powerful political figures. After a nine-year fight for an effective public health service, this situation could soon start to change for the better. This is a quick review of the grassroots effort to achieve this, the biggest and most successful battle of the post war era.... continuar...

El Salvador

Springtime Innocence Lost
In a decision that bewildered the women’s movement, President Funes dismissed the executive director of the Salvadoran Institute for Women’s Development (ISDEMU) in December, after 19 months heading this state institution. This is an analysis of the facts by the former director herself, self-defined as a “passionate feminist and incurable idealist.”... continuar...

América Latina

The “Hidden Transcript” of the Powerful in WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks has shown the gap between the public and the hidden discourse of the hegemonic elites in the global era. Despite the anger the leaks have generated among the Latin American governments, it appears they won’t affect relations with the US and that it will all amount to just a rough ride for both the powerful who did the talking and the subordinates who were judged.... continuar...


The Ecological Crisis Goes Global: The Development We Want Is Unsustainable
Ever since the 1992 Rio de Janeiro summit we’ve been sold the notion that we’re on the way to sustainable development. Consumer societies latched onto this seductive idea the most. Everyone felt good about moving towards sustainability without changing lifestyles that make infinite economic growth unsustainable when it’s at the expense of Nature’s finite resources. That sustainable development illusion lasted until the outbreak of the current global crisis. Now it’s no longer believable.... continuar...

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