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  Number 354 | Enero 2011



The Electoral Script
We’re entering 2011 with some of the key scenes of the electoral script having long since been written. Only a handful of actors have yet to appear on stage and only a few subplots are still uncertain.... continuar...


THE COSTA RICA-NICARAGUA BORDER DISPUTE GOES ON On January 11, Nicaragua and Costa Rica appeared before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague to present their positions on the... continuar...


Concerns about the New Course Of International Cooperation
This expert on regional dynamics analyzes the new shift in relations between Nicaragua and Central America, on the one hand, and international cooperation, particularly European countries, on the other.... continuar...


War on Drugs in an Election Year?
The Mexican government’s war on the drug cartels is pushing the cartels to set up rearguard areas in Guatemala, increasing the presence they already had in the country. Mexico’s militarization strategy, which Guatemala is considering, will be ineffective. Can the army’s firepower compete with that of the cartels? Wouldn’t legalizing drugs be a more effective way to undermine the power of the drug trade?... continuar...


Authoritarian, Messianic Solutions: Real Dangers for a Depressed Society
Honduras’ dilemma isn’t whether the coup-installed Right will continue ruling or the Left in resistance could actually take power, but how to build citizenship in a collectively depressed society. The national debacle and Hondurans’ perception of their country, its institutions and themselves are a breeding ground for authoritarian, quasi-messianic governments with a growing role for the military.... continuar...


Vatican vs. Maciel: The Legionaries Won
The case of pederast priest Marcial Maciel, founder of the Legionaries of Christ, revealed an impenetrable web of complicity with sexual crimes and financial corruption that reached to the Vatican’s highest levels. It first seemed Benedict XVI would be hard on the Legion. But it wasn’t to be; the pope backed off. While acknowledging that Maciel had been shielded, he didn’t name or punish those responsible for the cover-up. Worse yet, he announced that John Paul II, one of those who protected Maciel, will be beatified on May 1. ... continuar...


Stop Playing with Haiti
Ricardo Seitenfus, the OAS Mission representative in Haiti, was interviewed in Switzerland by Arnaud Robert. Iin late December last year, the anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Haiti, followed by hurricanes, a cholera epidemic, fraudulent elections and even the return of the dictator, Jean Claude Duvalier.... continuar...


Will the World Really End in 2012?
In various countries, Family Radio’s Evangelists proclaim the world will end on May 21, 2011. Some more serious researchers, who cite ancient Mayan prophecies, say it will come on December 21, 2012, What do the Mayan steles themselves say? Are we at the threshold of the end of the world? Or perhaps the end of the world we’ve constructed?... continuar...

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