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  Number 353 | Diciembre 2010
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Knee Deep in the Big Muddy at Year's End
The Nicaragua-Costa Rica controversy bogged down Nicaragua’s foreign policy when the government refused to let conditions be imposed on it. At the same time, it had no choice but to accept the IMF mission’s imposed conditions. President Ortega used the crisis with Costa Rica to push forward his project: a legal swamp to bog down the country by putting all of society under military control.... continuar...


THE BISHOPS’ LETTER On November 17, the nine bishops on Nicaragua’s Bishop’s Council released a message which stated, among other things, that “since the publication of our message last April,... continuar...


Societal Validation for Drug Trafficking Is Growing
This expert on issues of public security and organized crime analyzes data and instances of international and national drug trafficking activity on Nicaraguan soil.... continuar...


A Pre-electoral Reflection from the Liberal Window and the Emancipator Window
How are the Somocista years seen from the Liberal window and from the emancipator window? What’s the vision of the revolutionary years from those windows? And what of the years that followed 1990? Such a reflection is valid as we approach Nicaragua’s new electoral process, when upon opening the windows the panorama appears so uncertain. The conclusion is that we’ll continue living in post-colonial societies until we undertake a profound emancipation in Nicaragua and the rest of Central America.... continuar...


The Adventure of Producing Blue Energy in the Caribbean Region
The seductive caring the Sandinista revolution sparked in the ’80s is at the heart of the economic, social and cultural adventure embarked upon by blueEnergy, a small organization that doesn’t believe in “black gold.” Instead it’s generating “blue energy” in isolated, impoverished areas of the Caribbean Coast.... continuar...


The Partial and Personal Chronicle Of a Cuban in Nicaragua
Oppose authoritarianism with autonomy so people can define their own rules and structures, without subordinating themselves to parties, governments and/or companies. Fight installed capitalist commercialization with self-management, developing our own resources to avoid depending on foreign powers. And stamp out clientelism through solidarity, with reciptrocal, symmetric relations based on mutual support. Are such things possible now in Nicaragua? I came here to gauge the current political climate for them and this is a partial and personal chronicle of my search.... continuar...


The Ecological Crisis Goes Global: We're Witnessing a Biological Coup
We’re rapidly approaching the threshold of a major extinction, a biological collapse, in which the life forms we know will disappear. The collective disbelief in this catastrophe is apparent in the lack of a political-social discussion about the importance our species, Homo sapiens, will have in the future. It seems that our eyes don’t see it. And our hearts and minds don’t feel it.... continuar...

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