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  Number 350 | Septiembre 2010



The Sacarrín Effect
Sacarrín in a sport—any sport, political included—means benching a person who’s playing badly. It comes from saca-ring—throw out of the ring—and opens up the game to a new opponent, giving the competition a fresh twist. The sacarrín effect has revitalized Nicaragua’s pre-election panorama through Fabio Gadea Mantilla’s surprise announcement that he intends to run for President.... continuar...


ENDLESS RAINS CAUSE WIDESPREAD DISASTER After the climatic phenomenon called El Niño caused severe droughts last year, its sister phenomenon, La Niña, has devastated the entire Central American... continuar...


On Social Security the IMF Has Little to Tell Us and a Lot to Be Told
This expert on social security explains the details of Nicaragua’s Social Security system and the reform that is urgently needed to bring the system in line with reality.... continuar...


Migrants: Submissive Victims or Engaging in Civil Disobedience?
The stubborn efforts of Nicaraguan migrants— all migrants in fact—to cross borders come hell or high water illustrates that they are not and should not be seen as victims. They are rather pioneers of a new form of civil disobedience. They know they’re violating legality, but their transgression in the name of justice, in search of a better life, presages another possible world that is more equitable and free.... continuar...

El Salvador

Funes’ Dangerous Liaisons With the Business Class
“Fifteen months down the road and Funes’ government has done nothing crazy. Credibility is earned, and he’s earning it.” Thus spake TACA Airlines President Roberto Kriete on his return from a trip with the President to Brazil, invited along with other big business leaders. What results will this dicey friendship bring? What might the confidence he’s “earning” with the business class mean for the country?... continuar...


General strike? Constituent Assembly?
In Honduras today, both the call for a general strike and the proposal to form a National Constituent Assembly contain the objective conditions of a national disaster. But no subjective conditions or political and social subject yet exist to channel people’s outrage, triggered by the coup, and lead the process of profoundly redrafting the Constitution. The National Front for Popular Resistance is the likely lead entity, but first it must clarify its identity and rid itself of the Zelaya factor.... continuar...


The Chemistry of Development
How many frustrations, misunderstandings and instabilities can a professional team have designing a development project? Doesn’t the same happen among the project’s future beneficiaries? We who work in development cooperation must consider the feelings, perceptions, religious beliefs and attitudes of the people we work with. If we don’t, we won’t be clear about what to do and how to do it.... continuar...

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