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  Number 347 | Junio 2010



Invidious Messages and a Revealing “Joke”
Nicaragua’s political and economic powers came together again last month. The speech President Daniel Ortega delivered to the business leaders grouped in the Superior Council of Private Enterprise (COSEP) was laced with fishy messages and capped with a revealing “joke.”... continuar...


WHERE, OH WHERE, TO ISSUE THE SOLIDARITY BONUS May was rife with speculations, proposals and backtracking about how and where the government would issue the $25 monthly “Christian, solidarity... continuar...


The New Education Strategy: A Quality Decision or an Electoral One?
This seasoned educator analyzes the main features of the new national education strategy, in the light of the challenges facing education in Nicaragua today.... continuar...


The Rural CAPS: Ensuring Community Access to Water
Community drinking water and sanitation committees can be found in virtually every corner of rural Nicaragua, taking charge of ensuring the most basic element required for life. They organize collectively and make truly democratic collective decisions in the search for solutions to a constant and fundamental problem. They go about their business quietly, but they are no less important for that. They are the CAPS.... continuar...

El Salvador

The Labor Movement: Who’s Winning So Far?
In this new historical period opening up under President Funes’ government the Salvadoran labor movement is fragile, dispersed and rife with contradictions. While conditions in the country appear ripe for workers’ struggles to move forward, the Right seems in the lead in the struggle for hegemony in the union movement. Pulling the scattered unions into a bloc is the only way to win this dispute.... continuar...


Arizona and Its Cruel Discontents
SB 1070, signed into law in April in Arizona— a state the Latino population calls Nazizona— has a lot of support in the United States. It isn’t a sudden adverse event there; its forerunners date back a decade. The xenophobic winds sown from white colonization to recent immigrant hunts by the pitiless but popular sheriff of Maricopa are now reaping legal whirlwinds against immigrants.... continuar...


Four Months after the Earthquake…
Haitian teacher Camille Chambers was in Asturias, Spain, in May, to talk about what kind of solidarity the Haitian people need to surmount the damage caused by the earthquake that devastated their country on January 12. These are some of the words and ideas she shared with a moved and concerned audience .... continuar...

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