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  Number 345 | Abril 2010



Perhaps the intense humid heat that annually accompanies Holy Week in Central America explains the mirages that pass for reality in this political moment. Just maybe.... continuar...


UNITED STATES AND ARNOLDO ALEMÁN Two US congressional aides, one from the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the other from the House of Representatives, visited Nicaragua on April 6... continuar...


The Incredible and Sad Story of The Tax Reform in Three Acts
This article tells of the genesis, evolution, scope and perspectives of the tax reform that took effect on January 1, 2010.... continuar...

El Salvador

Monsignor Romero’s Murder: Thirty Years of Impunity
President Mauricio Funes made the following declaration on March 24, the 30th anniversary of Monsignor Romero’s murder: “In the name of the Salvadoran State I ask forgiveness for that assassination committed 30 years ago. First, I ask forgiveness of Monsignor Romero’s family, which has my deepest condolences and my unconditional support in its struggle to get to the truth. I ask forgiveness of the Salvadoran people, who were, are and will continue being Monsignor Romero’s great family, heir, custodian of his sermons and teachings. I ask forgiveness of the Salvadoran and universal Catholic Church, which has in Monsignor Romero one of its most exemplary pastors. I ask forgiveness of the thousands of families affected by such unacceptable and illegal violence, especially members of the religious communities who feel represented by Monsignor Romero’s spirit and keep alive his legacy of peace and respect forhuman rights.” All that remains is for the Amnesty Law to be overturned so that those responsible for murdering him and so many other Salvadorans can be investigated, tried and punished.... continuar...


Media, Candidates, Cases, Expectations…
Facts and processes have appeared in Guatemala’s daily reality that the population will have to decide and vote on in a presidential race that’s still a year and a half away. Enough features of that election campaign are now available to begin to envision it.... continuar...


A Wolf with No Direction, A Government with No Compass
Honduras is still being hurt by what the coup unleashed. All we know about the government is that Lobo decides nothing, and since neither credible authority nor consensus exists, everyone’s watching out for number one, seeking personal advantages. In this misgovernment, the violence of organized crime has hold of the country’s helm.... continuar...


Pederast Marcel Maciel and His Partners in Crime
It won’t be possible to save the Legion from its greatest Legionary, pederast Marcel Maciel, a sex abuser for sixty years disguised as a priest. The networks of collusion that allowed this monster to hide his perversions implicate former Pope John Paul II and the current Pope Benedict XVI. The scandal has shaken Mexico and the wound in the Church won’t easily heal over.... continuar...

América Latina

A Look at the Gringo Wall
We saw and heard a lot in our 12 days on the “route of rejection,” at the end of which was the Mexico-United States border, the longest and most crossed in the whole planet. There, the South looks North and penetrates it, while the North rejects and fears the South, building walls. The path to the American way of life is strewn with obstacles and Border Patrol agents of the American way of death are omnipresent. But despite it all, I learned that people on both sides of the border are bitten by the same mosquitoes…... continuar...

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