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  Number 342 | Enero 2010



Stones in Their Shoes
Daniel Ortega has cleared the way to run again in 2011, but he has a sharp stone in his reelection shoe. The dispersed political opposition to Ortega is proposing a unitary coalition to defeat him, but it has a sharp stone in its opposition shoe. The electoral institutionality has been shredded by 12 years of the Ortega-Alemán pact. Can Nicaragua open up a different future by getting some of the stones out of its shoes?... continuar...


Nicaragua Briefs
DROUGHT AND HUNGER On January 22, the agriculture and forestry minister announced that the government would create technical teams, including officials of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization... continuar...


A Decision of Principles and a Challenge to Ortega
Carlos Fernando Chamorro directed the Sunday TV news program “Esta Semana” for ten years and the nightly ”Esta Noche” for five. Channel 8, which broadcast these highly rated programs, was bought in January with Venezuelan capital administered by President Daniel Ortega. On January 24, Chamorro bid his audience farewell with this message, which reveals fundamental aspects of the national reality related to the mass media.... continuar...


Chilling Similarities Between Ortega and the Somozas
This retired Brigadier General of the Army of Nicaragua was one of those responsible for several of the FSLN’s most heroic feats during the struggle against Somoza, including the taking of Chema Castillo’s house in 1974 and of the National Palace in August 1978. The following is his vision of the challenges the Army faces at this difficult time.... continuar...


Zero Hunger: Development or Just Raindrops?
In February 2009 the Dutch Embassy released an evaluation it had contracted of Nicaragua’s Zero Hunger Program. The report covers the first year and a half of one of the FSLN government’s “star programs,” but is still valid, as “not many changes are forecast for 2009,” according to the text. The following is an edited selection of the report’s descriptions, evaluations and conclusions.... continuar...

El Salvador

“In the Name of the Salvadoran State, I Ask for Forgiveness”
On January 16, in a historic speech marking the 18th anniversary of the signing of the Peace Accords that ended El Salvador’s military conflict, President Mauricio Funes asked forgiveness of the victims of that cruel war.... continuar...

El Salvador

Pacific Rim Mining Company: The Kraken of Cabañas
A kraken is a legendary gargantuan sea monster, similar to a giant squid, that lives in the depths and attacks ruthlessly with its powerful tentacles. A few years ago one was sighted in the Salvadoran department of Cabañas. It’s a powerful killer that suffers from an age-old disease: gold fever.... continuar...


What Does the Rosenberg Case Show Us?
Rodrigo Rosenberg planned his own death. The unexpected conclusions of the CICIG investigation created quite a stir in Guatemala and also threw light on the violence to which Guatemala’s privileged classes resort. Violent crimes are not limited to the poor, youth gangs or drug dealers. Extortion, hit men and networks of silence and complicity are also present in society’s upper echelons.... continuar...


For Suffering Haiti, The First Word...
Haiti is in pain. We had never seen a disaster so close and so terrifying as the earthquake of Tuesday, January 12. Never before had a Latin American country— and to top it all, the poorest country—suffered... continuar...

América Latina

Is There Participatory Democracy In the ALBA Countries?
Dissatisfaction with low-intensity citizenships and purely electoral democracies inherited from decades of neoliberalism helps explain the rise of leftist governments in Latin America. The ALBA governments of Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba and Nicaragua may label themselves leftwing. But they’re developing a perverse, conflictive confluence between the justified expectations of full democracy and the practices inherited from the traditional Left.... continuar...

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