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  Number 340 | Noviembre 2009
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Riding the Wind with the Sails Full
Things are going quite well for Daniel Ortega. In October he cleared two of the reefs looming in the agitated sea of the national and international crises threatening the course of his ship of state. After months of tensions, failures and setbacks, Ortega has now gotten a green light to run again in 2011 and has been given thumbs up by the IMF for his neoliberal economic program.... continuar...


HURRICANE IDA: THE COAST LASHED AGAIN On November 4, Hurricane Ida hit the tourist centers of Corn Island and Little Corn Island with 75 mph winds, destroying homes, schools and churches, damaging... continuar...


An SOS for Climate Change: What Will We Young People Do?
Are the authorities and people aware that the effects of climate change are already being felt in Nicaragua? Is anything akin to a national dialogue underway about this incredibly serious problem? It’s time to act,bearing in mind the old saying: “God always forgives, we human beings sometimes do, but Nature never does.”... continuar...


The Caribbean Coast: Independence or Desperation?
After more than 20 years, the autonomy the Caribbean Coast won hasn’t gotten far beyond what’s written on paper plus periodical elections for “autonomous” authorities. The Miskitu regional organization known as the Council of Elders isn’t even talking about autonomy anymore; it has proclaimed independence, in what amounts to a way to call attention to the coast’s historical abandonment and mounting discontent, to give a name to all the broken promises.... continuar...

El Salvador

“We’re Against Impunity, Against Forgetting”
It has been twenty years since six Jesuit priests from the Central American University (UCA) in San Salvador and the two women who worked for them were assassinated. At that time, San Salvador’s streets were rocked by an audacious guerrilla offensive. The murder of the Jesuits helped bring an end to that war. On June 1 this year, Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa visited the UCA and spoke the following words, which we offer here in remembrance of the lives of our sisters and brothers. ... continuar...

El Salvador

“Our Party Won the Elections, But It’s Not the Government”
Most of Latin America’s leftist parties elected into government in recent years control the executive branch but don’t have a legislative majority or control other spheres of power. El Salvador is a very special case: a party of former combatants, guerrillas, won the elections but isn’t governing.... continuar...


Agreements, Traps and Resistance beyond Zelaya
The die is now cast against President Zelaya. The October 30 agreements were a trap set by the United States for purposes having little to do with Honduras. The elections won’t include Carlos Reyes’ independent candidacy, and the struggle will continue in new settings.... continuar...

América Latina

A Passenger’s Version of Latin America’s Future
This passenger is a young Latin American woman, born and raised in Nicaragua, who went to live in Canada. Like millions of young Latin Americans, she has lived in two worlds and reflects on life between them.... continuar...

América Latina

The Codes of Latin American Culture
The Christian religious tradition, a resigned pragmatic political culture and economic values that legitimize inequality are among the codes of Latin American culture that the Left must change if it wants to transform our continent’s reality.... continuar...

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