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  Number 337 | Agosto 2009



Major Signs of Crisis, Minor Signs of Flexibility
Nicaragua is in the eye of the international hurricane for serving as a base of operations for the deposed but legitimate President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya. This exceptional scene is generating solidarity, fear and rumors. Meanwhile the national scene is whipping up its own storm. The FSLN government is going through hard times, with its increasingly acute economic crisis and ever more confused political project.... continuar...


WORLD COURT DECIDES RÍO SAN JUAN CASE Alter disputes that have dragged on for 11 years, the 15 justices of the International Court of Justice at the Hague handed down a definitive ruling on... continuar...


With Major New Structural Reforms, The Ball’s Now in Our Court
A political analyst who in his own words has always had a love-hate relationship with the FSLN appraises the government’s most important achievements, and a few shortcomings, at it enters the second half of its administration.... continuar...

El Salvador

Aftershocks from Honduras’ Political Earthquake
Is the coup d’état in Honduras a mirror that the FMLN government of Mauricio Funes, El Salvador’s armed forces, grassroots movement and political parties ought to be looking into? If they do so, what will it show them?... continuar...


There are No Ideal Solutions To This Coup D’état
There are no ideal solutions to the crisis generated by the coup d’état because any immediate solution will run up against a country devoid of institutionality. The Honduran institutions are very precarious, the bi-polar model has collapsed and any effective solution has to reach beyond mere negotiations between those sectors that carried out the coup and those that suffered it.... continuar...


Blow by Blow, Step by Step, Day by Day
Among so many macro-analyses and geo-political reflections on the coup in Honduras, these little chronicles, written from day to day, step by step, and full of questions, give us the colors, smells and tastes experienced by those in Honduras during the first month of a crisis that caught world attention and expresses the fragility of democracy in Central America.... continuar...


Fear in the Time of the Virus
Although the new human influenza virus, a.k.a. swine flu, didn’t originate in Mexico, the deaths there were what first alerted the world to it. The Mexican government’s inappropriate reaction to the epidemic provides interesting lessons, the main one being how political power can use fear of diseases as a method of social control.... continuar...

América Latina

Letting a Hundred Flowers Bloom?
Intellectuals, democracy and socialism: Dead ends and access roads” was the name they gave to their critical reflection sessions on Hugo Chávez’s Bolivarian project on June 2-3 at the Miranda International... continuar...

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