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  Number 329 | Diciembre 2008
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Three New Year Scenarios
The governing party knows the real adverse municipal election results. Will it force the fraud on us despite the political tension and economic damage? Or will it hammer out a governability agreement with the opposition that dissembles the fraud to restore some credibility and normalcy? Or might the opposition manage to correct the election results, turning the super-crisis created by these elections into a chance to clean up the electoral apparatus and change the course of the country? Which of these three scenarios will 2009 bring?... continuar...


OFFICIAL ELECTION RESULTS The Supreme Electoral Council’s highly challenged results gave the Liberal Alliance 37 mayoral seats, four of which went to candidates from Eduardo Montealegre’s movement:... continuar...


These Elections Were Won by Both Fraud and Theft
The VCE’s general secretary explains the technical nuts and bolts of how the electoral fraud was committed in last month’s municipal elections, especially in the capital.... continuar...


Brief Notes on Foreign Cooperation At This Time of Uncertainty
The electoral fraud committed during November’s municipal elections has had serious repercussions on Nicaragua’s foreign cooperation. The resources earmarked to sustain the national budget and the US Millennium Challenge Account program were both frozen. In response, President Ortega confidently announced that Venezuela’s government will cover Nicaragua’s shortfall. The following are basic numbers that can help us gauge the gaps and the chance of closing them.... continuar...


DR-CAFTA, ALBA and the Sustainable Development Trinity
DR-CAFTA, the free trade agreement with the United States, has been in force in Central America for more than three years. And for the last two Nicaragua has also been a member of ALBA, the brainchild of Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez. The two “development programs” live side by side. Before assessing their first results, we should first ask: do they guarantee sustainable development?... continuar...


On the Track of Political Gangs: Has Mara 19 Been Born in Nicaragua?
During the two weeks following the fraud perpetrated in the November 9 municipal elections, hundreds of youth, most of them hooded and armed, took over the streets of Managua and sometimes León, intimidating, lashing out and destroying with abandon. Government spokespeople said they were FSLN militants who were just defending and celebrating the FSLN victory. But did this in fact mark the debut of Mara 19 in Nicaragua?... continuar...


Who Do the Coast Lands Belong to And Who Will Get Them?
The demarcation of lands claimed by the indigenous and Afro-descendent communities of Nicaragua’s long-ignored Caribbean Coast is finally underway after hundreds of years of conflict. Despite its limitations, obstacles and conflicts of all kinds, will this process provide the opportunity to consolidate coast autonomy?... continuar...


Reflections of a Nomad
This text by a Salvadoran writer is several years old, but its message is every bit as valid today. We include it because it surely echoes the voices of many other Central Americans who left their homeland for any number of reasons. ... continuar...


Four Different Crises Add Up to One Real Planetary Crisis
¡§My name comes from the Greek word krisis: to discern, choose, distinguish¡K I¡¦m also related to the verb refine or purify. Contrary to what common sense might presume, I am not, in myself, negative. I form part of Nature¡¦s evolution¡K Every time I interrupt history I bring a message: it¡¦s time to start again¡K¡¨ This is how the Dominican friar Frei Betto talks about the current planetary crisis. And how Belgian economist Eric Toussaint talks about it. Now its our turn to talk about this crisis and give it a name.... continuar...

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