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  Number 327 | Octubre 2008



The Rules of the Game
The rules of the game the government has decided to impose on society are becoming increasingly clear. The electoral rules have already been altered; the democratic ones aren’t being respected; and the societal ones are under constant threat of being transformed. Finally, efforts are underway to change all the rules of the political-institutional game after November’s municipal elections.... continuar...


ZOILAMÉRICA CLOSES HER CASE On September 26, Attorney General Hernán Estrada presented a letter sent by Zoilamérica Narváez—who charged her stepfather Daniel Ortega with sexual abuse in March... continuar...


We Allied with the PLC Hoping to Transform Liberalism
A PLC dissident now in Eduardo Montealegre’s movement called “We’re Going with Eduardo,” Eliseo Núñez Morales appraises Liberalism and explains why his movement allied with the PLC for November’s municipal elections.... continuar...


Posoltega Ten Years Later: Buried Then, Uprooted Now
Everything in Posoltega changed ten years ago. More than 2,500 people were killed during those fateful days: children, adults and the elderly, buried by the Casita Volcano mudslide. The change in the population structure was so drastic that many have since migrated to Costa Rica.... continuar...


Mezcala: A Mirror and a Heart
As the bicentennial of Mexico’s independence approaches, Mezcala’s volcanic lake, island and lands are once again proving irresistible to federal, state and municipal governments. But the consciousness of Mezcala’s Coca people is more deeply rooted in its ancestral past, a history of resistance and pride in its indigenous identity. It is defending its beautiful lands, resisting, protesting and creating autonomy.... continuar...


María: Mother, Wife, Indigenous Woman,Emigrant and Voluntary Returnee
Mass migration is changing Central America and its people. To what extent has that important experience helped indigenous women who emigrated to the United States and then returned voluntarily to Guatemala free themselves from the millenarian oppression within Western and Mayan culture? To what degree are migration and return factors of personal and social transformation? The different identifies experienced by María provide pointers to some of the answers.... continuar...

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