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  Number 326 | Septiembre 2008



Criticism Isn’t Synonymous with Hatred
When will the government talk to all of society? When will it listen to media critiques without hearing them as mere “media wars financed by the empire”? Will the municipal elections solve or exacerbate the government’s authoritarian tendencies? Will we ever know the amount of Venezuelan cooperation and will there ever be control over how this money is invested? How long will international cooperation remain patient with the government’s diplomacy of confrontation?... continuar...


ORTEGA DIDN’T GO TO PARAGUAY… Although President Ortega was among those invited to the ceremony at which former Catholic Bishop Fernando Lugo was sworn in as the new President of Paraguay on... continuar...


I Know the FSLN’s History Well, But I Can’t Envision Its Future
One of the FSLN’s most qualified militants and functionaries, also among Daniel Ortega’s closest advisers for many years, relates the milestones of this once-revolutionary party’s history and offers his reflections on the current Ortega government.... continuar...


The Splendor and Squalor of National Ecotourism
From Somoto to San Juan del Norte, Pacific Coast to Caribbean, I’ve visited and stayed in all the places I mentioned in this article. I had preconceived views, yet was surprised by every one. What I learned both distressed and amazed me. This travel journal, showing all the flaws and ironies, represents a conscious prodding strategy.... continuar...

El Salvador

An Educational Adventure Loses Its Midwife
Popular education was the password in the history of the Segundo Montes community, which emerged during the war from a Salvadoran refugee camp in Honduras. The midwife of this educational adventure, Mercedes Ventura, died unexpectedly, but she worked right up to her death dreaming of new educational projects.... continuar...


Now in ALBA, Always in Impunity
Sticking with “Plasinsman Commander” Hugo Chávez’s humor, he, “Cocaine Commander” Evo Morales and “Guerrilla Commander” Daniel Ortega met with “Cowboy Commander” Mel Zelaya in Honduras on August 25th to ratify that country’s entry into the Latin American Bolivarian Alternative. The act’s “leftist theatricality” can’t hide the national reality. Best to peek behind the curtain and see what’s backstage.... continuar...


Reforming the Vatican: What the Church Can Learn from Others
What can the Church learn from other institutions? Changing the organization of the Vatican, adopting practices from today’s political world would be in harmony with the Church’s trajectory. Will such a thing be possible?... continuar...

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