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  Number 324 | Julio 2008



Where Are We After 29 Years, And After 290 Hours?
This month marks 29 years since Somoza was toppled and the Sandinista revolutionary decade got underway. Nicaragua has changed in so many ways since then. As the memory of those feats and that decade yet again touched off both pride and pain this year, Dora María Téllez, one of the heroines of the insurrection, lasted 290 hours on a hunger strike for democracy and against hunger. What, if anything, has that gesture changed in the national setting?... continuar...


NICHO MARENCO In the first days of Dora María Téllez’s hunger strike, Dionisio Marenco, longtime FSLN luminary and currently mayor of Managua, called her cell phone to offer his solidarity. ... continuar...


Nicaragua’s Drastic Situation Obliged Me to Go on a Hunger Strike
The reflections of a former guerrilla commander a week after concluding a 13-day hunger strike under a plastic tent in the center of Managua demanding “democracy and gallopinto.”... continuar...


Rescuing and Renovating Sandinismo: A Critique of Nicaraguan Heroic Culture
To be effective, transformative political activity needs to be guided by a line of thought rooted in a set of convictions and collective ethical principles. Its absence or the use of vague, nebulous thinking can only produce ambiguous, contradictory results. That’s what’s happening in Nicaragua’s MRS Alliance, organized around the Sandinista Renovation Movement and Rescue of Sandinismo. ... continuar...

El Salvador

How to Read ARENA’s Electoral Campaign
The ARENA party, pillar of the Central American Right, is worried. All polls show the FMLN ahead of it in the March 2009 elections. From costly publicity campaigns to reforming the Electoral Code, ARENA is doing everything it can to keep the Left from winning. What else will it be willing to do in the coming months?... continuar...


What I Saw, Felt and Discovered in a Three-Week Hunger Strike
Honduras is experiencing a critical moment in its political history thanks to a hunger strike in April by a group of young public prosecutors demanding that the Prosecutor General’s Office initiate proceedings against the most notorious of the unpunished corruption cases. What first appeared an isolated, idealistic and naïve gesture became a massive strike that awakened national awareness and is currently mobilizing society. Our correspondent took part. This is his experience and his analysis. ... continuar...

América Latina

What’s up, Old Man? A Look at Young People’s Politics
Young people’s political participation which is starting to cause concern in Nicaragua, has been sparking reflection in Latin America for some years. This article is one such look at the subject. While not specifically about Nicaragua, it fits many aspects of our reality.... continuar...

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