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  Number 313 | Agosto 2007



The Cards Are on the Table
The new government’s cards are now on the table. Its flagship project is the Councils of Citizens’ Power— counterweight to the National Assembly and Cabinet, goodies-for-votes broker with the local grass roots and neutralizer of civil society and NGOs; in sum, a mechanism to alter the model of government. What reaction can we expect from the general population, already so accustomed to political patronage and caudillo leaders?... continuar...


ALEMÁN’S TRIAL SET IN PANAMA On July 20, Panamanian criminal judge Adolfo Mejía subpoenaed former Nicaraguan President Arnoldo Alemán, his wife, father-in-law and former government tax director... continuar...


Posoltega Nine Years After the Tragedy
A lot happened in Posoltega after Hurricane Mitch struck. There was a boom in housing, electricity and drinking water, but little changed in mental schemes and traditional culture. Could they change with such a high “Gross Foreign Product” and so many people infected with AEDS— Acquired Extreme Dependency Syndrome?... continuar...


It’s Up to Us to Curtail the Government’s Authoritarianism
Reflections on the course of the Ortega government by a former comandante of the revolution and minister of health during the first FSLN government.... continuar...


An Uncertain and Violent Electoral Process
The campaign for the September 9 elections has been the most violent in Guatemalan history; the economic and social crisis is very serious and there are signs that organized crime permeates politics and that the country is losing its ability to be governed. Guatemala’s very viability is at stake.... continuar...


The President in His Thicket
Why did President Mel Zelaya celebrate the anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution with Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chávez? One explanation lies in his solitude and his loss of control of the government over which he supposedly presides. Another is the woman beside him on the podium. But the main explanation is his ideological “thicket.”... continuar...


A Government Trapped in Its Dirty War
Felipe Calderón’s government is illegitimate, so it’s covering its nakedness in military garb. The army’s in the streets “to stop drug dealing,” but the real objective is to prevent and/or repress the common and increasingly intense social protests. The list of social activists jailed has reached historic levels. There’s no more doubt: this is a repressive government in an increasingly unjust and violent country.... continuar...

América Latina

How Can We Give The Earth a Future?
The climate change is now irreversible and will cause devastating catastrophes. Millions of people will disappear in just a few generations. To deal with the crisis threatening the system of life on Earth, we have to look far behind, far ahead and far above. Developing a spiritual vision of the world is the shortest and fastest way to find a solution.... continuar...

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