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  Number 311 | Junio 2007



The Sound of Silence and The Noise of Tola
“Silence gives consent,” goes the saying. What consent, then, is the Ortega government’s silence giving, and to whom? What does that silence say about “Tolagate”? We’ll try to put words to some of this muteness.... continuar...


OPPOSITION UNITY SEESAWS During the May 19 celebration of Sandino’s birth, President Ortega disparaged the various proposals for organizing and consolidating a unified opposition to his government.... continuar...


In Defense of the Existing Civic Participation
An official of the Civil Coordinator, the country’s leading civil society umbrella, explains her organization’s take on the national reality under the new government.... continuar...


“Gerardo Miranda And We the Thieves”
What will become of Carlos Fernando Chamorro’s investigation into an extortion case linked to top FSLN leaders? Will the accused be punished or the accusers? Sadly, despite the revolution of the 1980s, the words his father used over 30 years ago to denounce the Somoza regime’s corruption and its rhetorical tricks to evade any responsibility seem as relevant in today’s Nicaragua as they were then. ... continuar...


From Telescopic to Microscopic: Three Youth Gang Members Speak
Only proximity can help us understand the motivations, strategies and dead ends in the lives of youth gang members. Let’s trade the sociological telescope and macro-explanations for a strong microscope to zoom in on three personal stories and improve our understanding of the best paths to rehabilitation.... continuar...


We Barely Know the Wealth of Biodiversity Surrounding Us
A research biologist shares information and experiences regarding Nicaragua’s biodiversity, our limited knowledge of it, the threats it faces, and the chances we still have to understand, defend and rescue it.... continuar...


Organized Crime is Embedded In the Public Institutions
February’s murder in Guatemala of three Salvadoran representatives to the Central American Parliament— including ARENA founder Roberto D´Aubuisson’s son— is the most revealing case among many of organizad crime’s penetration of and even encrustation in Guatemala’s public institutions.... continuar...

Costa Rica

Reforms to the Migratory Law: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Costa Rica’s draconian Migratory Law has been in effect for almost a year and there are already moves to fill in its gaps and rectify some of its more negative aspects. The new text softens the legal texture, but so far doesn’t make the final flavor much less bitter than the original. A lot is still to be done.... continuar...

América Latina

Media Content as Social Property
Another kind of communication is possible. For it to exist, we have to fight for social ownership of the media, for an “agrarian reform” of the air and the radio spectrum. Latin American radio stations today have to raise a banner for content as social property.... continuar...

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