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  Number 300 | Julio 2006
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Herty Lewites: Now a “Spiritual Candidate”
Herty Lewites’ sudden and shocking death on July 2 changed Nicaragua’s electoral race even before the candidates had taken up their positions at the starting gate. How enduring will the changes brought by his death be and in what direction will they tip the odds?... continuar...


HOW MANY ARE WE? On June 29 the Nicaraguan Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INEC) presented the results of its eighth population census and fourth household census, conducted in 2005. The... continuar...


Has a Neoliberal Democracy Been Institutionalized in Nicaragua?
Thoughts on Nicaragua’s current political situation and the electoral options being offered to the population for the November 5 general elections.... continuar...


The Words of Women from “Nicaragua’s Navel”
“We decided to call our station ‘Women’s Word’ because usually men are the only ones who speak. We need to recover the speech they’ve taken from us.” For 14 years, Bocana de Paiwas’ Women’s Center and radio station have banked on continuing the revolution of conscience. They’re a living echo of tet revolution that set out to transform Nicaragua 27 years ago. ... continuar...


Drugs and AIDS: Surely Now It’s Time for a National Alert
Drug use is growing fast in Nicaragua and both drug addiction and AIDS cases are on the increase. Seeing Nicaragua as just a through-route for drug traffic is a great mistake, leading to the neglect of preventive education.... continuar...


An Exodus, a Train, An Unreachable Horizon
In Arriaga, a hot and dangerous Mexican town, one can witness the exodus of masses of Central Americans. Emigrants from all parts await the train that will take them north. On every face, there’s a distant dream: land and freedom. ... continuar...


The Ideological Bricks of the Anti-Immigrant Wall
What kind of self-identity does a country have that surrounds itself with walls and hides behind paranoid laws? Central and Latin American proposals regarding our emigrants should bear in mind the way the gringo lawmakers think and the ideological bricks they use to build their walls.... continuar...

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