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  Number 297 | Abril 2006



75 Days to Jockey for Position
Once José Rizo, Bolaños’ erstwhile Vice President, had been selected as the PLC’s presidential candidate, the negotiating of alliances and running mates began in earnest, as did the jockeying for position on the different parties’ legislative slates. This two-and-a-half month period before all candidates must be registered will be an intense—and surely tense—period of horse trading.... continuar...


“MIRACLE MISSION” The government of Venezuela announced on March 10 that it is bringing its “Miracle Mission” to Nicaragua. Over the next ten years, this initiative will provide free operations... continuar...


Why We Joined the Movement to Rescue Sandinismo
The reflection below by the legendary FSLN guerrilla commander and member of the FSLN’s Democratic Left ttendency opened with this: “We call on all Sandinista militants, all who share the dream of a different Nicaragua, to join this effort to rescue Sandinismo.” We publish it here because we believe it also enriches the current debate about the Latin American Left as a whole. ... continuar...


Our Youth Has Inherited A National Failure
In a talk at Managua’s Central American University, the author challenged a group of studentsto reflect on our failed society and on the role they could play in transforming their current political “apathy” into a personal and social authenticity that could change Nicaragua.... continuar...

El Salvador

The 2006 Elections: A Contradictory Outcome
El Salvador’s March 2006 legislative and municipal elections again followed the pattern the population established in 1997, denying total power to any one party, imposing counterweights and swinging its preferences like a pendulum.... continuar...

Costa Rica

Nicaragua’s Indispensable Migrants and Costa Rica’s Unconscionable New Law
Those who criticize Costa Rica’s new immigration law are dismissed as advocating an unrestricted open door policy. This fallacy is just one more attempt to legitimize a law that violates basic human rights and Costa Rica’s best traditions of solidarity, and will affect hundreds of thousands of Nicaraguan migrants.... continuar...

América Latina

What’s Our Concept of Children and Classrooms?
In this second of four articles, Peralta compares traditional curricula, centered on the adult and the classroom, with progressive curricula, in which children are listened to, participate and are taken out of the classroom.... continuar...


Finland’s Successful Experience in the Fight Against Corruption
The war on corruption is now a required course in the “school of good governance” the world over. In Central America hardly anybody has enrolled so far, but perhaps we can learn some generic lessons from Finland’s positive experience, even given the differences in its political class, government officials, population, culture and history.... continuar...

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