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  Number 29 | Noviembre 1983



On The Threshold Of Invasion News Analysis From October 5 To November 5, 1983
The tensions in Central America and the Caribbean have increased with dizzying speed. Among the most critical events have been the attacks against Nicaragua by land, sea and air; the vigor of the Salvadoran guerrilla offensive; the internal division of the governing party of Grenada and the grievous U.S. intervention in that island. ... continuar...


The Counterrevolutionaries: What kind of Freedom Fighters Are They?
Life overcame death in Bocana de Paiwas. “After what happened, the people felt more like people, we felt we possessed our own future. No taskforce will be able to take from us the new spirit that is now ours.” Thus speaks a young woman who was a victim of the counterrevolution.... continuar...


Coffe And Cotton: Heart Of The Economy, Symbol Of Determination
“With coffee we will get the foreign reserves we need to confront the enemy.” Thus goes a radio announcement which asks for volunteers to help pick the coffee harvest. This radio clip synthesizes much of the economic logic of the present moment of the revolutionary process.... continuar...

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