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  Number 288 | Julio 2005
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Punches and Counterpunches; Proposals and Counterproposals
The mounting attacks and counterattacks, proposals and counterproposals confuse and infuriate. Is this seeming madness aimed at some defined endpoint, or does it augur the collapse of Nicaragua’s political class? Might it even signal the institutionalization of its obscene mediocrity? In whose hands is Nicaragua’s future?... continuar...


MEGA-SALARIES SLASHED... BRIEFLY The National Assembly finally approved the salary regulation law in June. This law, so unpopular with all the high-level state officials affected by it, seriously... continuar...


“This Crisis Began in the FSLN, With an Unethical Pact”
Víctor Hugo Tinoco is serving as campaign coordinator for Herty Lewites’ presidential bid. A sector of Sandinistas have organized the Movement to Rescue Sandinismo around the campaign, and Tinoco shared the Movement’s analysis of the current national political situation with envío.... continuar...


Why So Little Social Mobilization?
Despite so many social tragedies, the last three Nicaraguan governments have enjoyed a fair degree of social stability. What remains of the grassroots organization of the recent past? What are the reasons for today’s apathy and social demobilization? There are many answers, all of them intertwined.... continuar...


Twenty-six Years On: Memories of Solidarity
“Internationalism” was a free and unconditional investment in Nicaragua’s Sandinista revolution in the eighties. What remains of such commitment in today’s globalized world? Does that massive solidarity with Nicaragua have any lessons to offer the current alternative world movement? ... continuar...


The Traido: A Key to Youth Gang Continuity
Traidos are grudges based on rivalry and ill will between individuals or groups, which can be taken to the ultimate consequences. They are actively at work in our politics and among our politicians. They also help us understand the continued existence of youth gangs over time, as well as the excessive violence they generate. ... continuar...

América Latina

Building Citizenship: A Challenge for Radio
Building citizenship is an essential part of guaranteeing democracy and development. This task is partly the responsibility of the media, particularly radio, which remains the most popular form of media. What kinds of values are inherent in citizenship? What are the main problems we have to overcome in accepting this challenge?... continuar...

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