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  Number 284 | Marzo 2005



Lessons from the Teachers …and the Former Mayor
Our teachers and Herty Lewites were last month’s protagonists. With their strike, teachers across the nation showed us, yet again, just how profoundly indecent Nicaragua’s public salary scale really is. And in defending his right to vie for the FSLN’s presidential nomination, Managua’s former mayor showed us just how authoritarian, arrogant and intolerant the group that has taken over the FSLN really is. The teachers’ effort won them a $40 salary hike. Might Lewites’ efforts have a positive outcome too?... continuar...


BLOODY EVICTION: WHO’S AT FAULT? A group of squatters took over about ten hectares of land on the outskirts of Chinandega on February 23, but were promptly evicted by the Police. Several police... continuar...


Breaking Free of Fear To Defend Ideas and Rights
FSLN general secretary Daniel Ortega and Managua’s former Sandinista mayor Herty Lewites monopolized national attention for the entire week between Saturday, February 26, and Sunday, March 6, when they locked horns over the latter’s right to compete with the former in party primaries to head next year’s presidential ticket. Below we offer one interpretation of that week’s dramatic events.... continuar...


“We Must All Demand the Restructuring of the Domestic Debt”
In a talk given at the envío offices. this committed economist explained where the money that Nicaragua saved when much of its foreign debt was pardoned through the HIPC Initiative has ended up. He also proposed a national campaign to restructure the domestic debt.... continuar...


Intellectuals and Job Insecurity: I Don’t Think... Therefore I Am
Can we find an alternative way of thinking to combat the “single thought” that’s currently swamping us? And can we still exist as consultants if we even dare to try? Is it possible for us to think at all in Nicaragua today, or will we just continue to blame the system for the limited and routine ideas we churn out in return for considerable financial reward?... continuar...


The Panama Canal, Or the Canal’s Panama?
As long as the canal keeps requiring ever more space and resources for its operation, and nothing is done to ensure that the benefits outweigh the resources consumed or that these benefits are equitably distributed among the population, we will have to talk about the Canal’s Panama rather than the Panama Canal.... continuar...


Monsignor Romero’s Portrait In My Memory And in History
The 25th anniversary of a crime still unpunished—the assassination of Bishop Oscar Romero—is being commemorated in El Salvador and all over the world, in March. The most universal Salvadoran has passed into immortality and will be canonized, an emblem of the struggles for justice, peace and human rights in the region during the seventies and eighties.... continuar...


What Is Morally Unjust Cannot Be Economically Correct
On February 6, the government of Great Britain announced a plan to reduce the foreign debt of 19 countries, among them Nicaragua, based on an agreement by the G-7 countries during their London Summit to annul part of the multilateral debt owed by the poorest countries. In this speech to British development activists last December, Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown previewed the various motives and objectives of this urgent proposal, which we can only hope others will adopt as well, and implement in their entirety. ... continuar...

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