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  Number 280 | Noviembre 2004
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The Electoral Test: A Ray of Hope on a Dark Horizon
Nicaragua’s political conflict went international just before election day, and then again right afterward when Donald Rumsfeld and Dan Fisk paid a surprise visit to “interpret” the electoral results. But we have our own interpretation of their main novelty, a thin ray of light on an otherwise dark horizon.... continuar...


2004: Municipal Elections: Connecting Dots for the Bigger Picture
Although municipal elections are always more about the different local complexities than national issues, mood swings or political figures, there are inevitably common denominators, dots that analysts can connect to trace the bigger picture.... continuar...


2004 Municipal elections: FSLN-Convergence Victory in Numbers
The FSLN left the PLC and the government’s APRE eating its dust. With nearly definitive official figures, we can reconstruct the scene of this runaway Sandinista victory.... continuar...


An Urban Gang Moves from Social to Economic Violence
Five years ago they warred with each other and defended their barrio. Today, they’re selling crack and accumulating capital, their unique “love” of their neighborhood forgotten. This recent evolution of Nicaragua’s youth gangs largely reflects their country’s evolution— from collective projects to individual interests.... continuar...


LA PRENSA JOURNALIST KILLED On November 9, two days after the elections, local La Prensa correspondent María José Bravo was murdered in Santo Tomás, Chontales, in full view of onlookers. The... continuar...


Marías Island Penal Colony: A Prison with Walls of Water
“These are neither tombs nor hells, rather tropical lands with luxurious vegetation,” someone said of these islands. They may not be tombs, but they are a prison— the most humane prison in the world— aimed at rehabilitating, not punishing.... continuar...


The Colors of Chiapas
This story of a trip through southeast Mexico offers a quick sketch of the complex reality of life in Chiapas. It was my story. Now it’s yours.... continuar...


Are Free Trade Agreements Free? Are They Development Strategies?
Central America is awaiting approval of a Free Trade Agreement with the United States, and the Andean countries are on the same path. The fierce economic competition between the United States and its rivals has sown free trade agreements all over the world. Are they really free or do they straightjacket the countries of the South? And what do they contribute to the South’s development?... continuar...

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