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  Number 278 | Septiembre 2004



Alone and Weak, But Oh So Sure of His Shaky Ground
“I am neither alone nor am I weak,” said President Bolaños, sounding a little too cocky. This month showed him not only alone, but isolated, and not only weak, but debilitated. Most worrying is the optimistic way he is treading on what is actually very shaky ground.... continuar...


EASY FOR BOLAÑOS TO SAY September 6 completed the 20-day deadline set by Islamic groups supposedly linked to the Al Qaeda network for the government of El Salvador to withdraw all of its troops... continuar...


Cup of Excellence, Fair Trade, Organic Coffee
Is there a future for coffee in Nicaragua? The Cup of Excellence is more like a lottery than a widely applicable recipe. Meanwhile, with fair trade and organic coffee providing better options, higher prices and new markets, there are still opportunities to be tested and gambles to be taken.... continuar...


The Fight against Corruption: Sowing Now to Harvest Later
The new attorney general discusses Nicaragua’s justice system and assesses the fight against corruption he pioneered as special attorney three years ago, which helped raise Nicaragua’s expectations and hope.... continuar...


The Teachers’ Conflict: Long but Inconclusive
The entirely fair demands of Honduran teachers, ignored for years and now swept away “as if by magic,” still wait, unresolved, beneath the magician’s hat. It’s a good bet that they’ll soon pop out again. There are many lessons to be learned in this truce and apparent resolution.... continuar...


Caracoles: Happy Birthday to You!
“If bad government won’t pay attention to us, then it can just stay away with all its nonsense,” challenged Comandante Rosalinda on August 9, 2003, ushering in the Caracoles and Good Government Committees established in Zapatista territory in Chiapas. Now, a year later, on their first anniversary, they have attracted not just government attention. “Civil society in Mexico and around the world,” explained Subcomandante Marcos, “is working for us and with us.”... continuar...


The Northwest, North and Center North: Electoral Analysis and Forecasts
The upcoming municipal elections mark the second time they have been held independently of the presidential ones. This will help us see voters’ real interest in local affairs. The following brief analysis forecasts a few of the results we can expect.... continuar...


“We’ve Handed CAFTA Our Greatest Advantages on a Silver Platter”
Although our self-interested Central American governments have happily signed away the region’s economic sovereignty, the new free trade agreement is still pending ratification. It’s never too late to analyze what has been given up, by whom, for what purpose and to whose benefit, and even to look at the possibility of building alternatives.... continuar...


Poor or Impoverished? And How Do They Get That Way?
Strategies to fight poverty in all our countries, and exclusion, dismissal and distrust of the poor everwhere are characteristics of the economic culture of our time, an economic culture that manufactures more poor. The time is ripe for an updated reflection.... continuar...

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