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  Number 274 | Mayo 2004



How Solid is the Tripod Supporting Bolaños’ Economic Strategy?
The Bolaños government’s economic development strategy is based on three “magical” acronyms—HIPC, CAFTA and NDP. Beyond even the questionable solidity of this tripod, how firm is the political floor beneath them?... continuar...


UNILATERAL MISSILE DEMOLITION On April 24, the two Liberal benches in the National Assembly combined their 48 votes to approve a resolution supporting President Bolaños’ decision to reduce Nicaraguan... continuar...


Migrants: Prejudice, Myopic Vision and Apathetic Policies
A beautiful 30-year-old song pleads, “Don’t call me foreigner because I was born far away or because the land I came from has another name....” So what do we call our compatriots currently living as “foreigners” in Costa Rica or the United States? How do we view, judge and analyze them?... continuar...


“There’s no short-term solution”
This respected jurist and astute Liberal writer shares with envío his “pessimistic” observations on the “irresolvable” national crisis, to use his words.... continuar...

El Salvador

The FMLN and the FSLN Are Brothers, Not Twins
They are closely related neighbors, but how alike are their stories and do they share common causes? Just what are the similarities and differences between El Salvador’s FMLN and Nicaragua’s FSLN?... continuar...


Fifty Years Later: Between Resistance and Servility
From those pages your laughter and songs fly amid the banana workers, in the somber mud, rain and sweat... But we’ll change the earth... We’ll change, joining your hand with mine... We’ll change life that your kin may survive and build their organized light. (“Calero, Banana Worker,” from Pablo Neruda’s Canto General, translation by Jack Schmitt)... continuar...

Costa Rica

“Pardon me, I haven’t come to make trouble”
On May 3, Costa Rica’s Ministry of Culture awarded César Meléndez the National Prize for Best Lead Actor of 2003 for his performance in “El Nica,” a one-man play also created by this Nicaraguan-Costa Rican actor -playright. envío celebrates his success by offering a particularly poignant sampling of his dialogue.... continuar...

América Latina

From Conqueror State to Nation State Is from Resignation to Citizenship
We can use Nicaragua’s history to reflect on Latin America’s history as a whole, particularly the paralyzing force still exercised in our countries by a “providentialism” inherited from the Conquest, the Colony and our Religion that generates the “resigned pragmatism” characterizing our political culture and helps explain our underdevelopment.... continuar...

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