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  Number 270 | Enero 2004



The Face of Nicaragua in 2004: Obvious Forecasts
While Nicaragua’s deepest, most structural “wrinkles”— abysmal health and education deficiencies, malnutrition, deepseated machismo, social tolerance of corruption, impunity, a non-secular state and gross salary inequities—are untouched, the government, boasting of its economic achievements, claims that the country has already had a “facelift.” ... continuar...


The 2004 Municipal Elections: Is the Die Almost Cast?
The main outlines of the electoral scenario are now sketched in, offering a glimpse of what could follow November’s municipal elections. But we should always remember to expect that the unexpected might happen in Nicaragua ... continuar...


A Farewell to Pigs…Changes in the National Diet
How has the Nicaraguan diet evolved in recent years? For various reasons, people are switching from pork to chicken, while also clearly reducing their consumption of animal proteins.But is it true that what sells well is always the best for us? ... continuar...


The New Government Sparks Optimism and Expectations
After four politically catastrophic years, Guatemalans are optimistic. But they are also impatient with the country’s mounting problems. The new government’s challenge will be to go beyond the band-aid approach and identify solutions for the most crucial of these problems. ... continuar...

Costa Rica

Are We Costa Ricans “Exceptional”?
Costa Rica has traditionally imagined itself to be unique, democratic, special. The rest of Central America, too, has always viewed it as “exceptional.” Today, however, it is beginning to reveal some darker sides.The presence of so many Nicaraguans in Costa Rica has opened a debate about national identity that challenges national narcissism ... continuar...


The Centennial Stewpot
One of Panama’s favorite songs by Rubén Blades, which he sang before 40,000 people a few months ago, goes something like this: “Patria means so many beautiful things... It’s the walls of a barrio, their dark-colored hope; It’s what the soul holds onto when it’s far away. It’s the martyrs who shout: Flag, flag, flag, flag!... Patria is not defined by those who put down the people. Patria is a sentiment, like the look on an old man’s face, The sun of eternal spring, the laughter of a new little sister…” ... continuar...


Working for a Different World Amid Threats of Repression
While Vicente Fox’s increasingly discredited pro-business government provides fuel for social movements working for an alternative world, the Zapatistas continue to inspire these movements, which celebrated their anniversaries in Mexico amidst threats of repression.... continuar...


What’s in Store for Us Following the Signing of CAFTA?
What will Central America be like after the signing of the Free Trade Agreement with the United States? The official propaganda in Nicaragua is joyfully celebrating the setting up of “a bridge to the future.” But where will that bridge lead us? ... continuar...

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