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  Number 27 | Septiembre 1983



Nicaragua Delineates Its Concept Of Defense
News Analysis: August 5 to September 5, 1983 The circle closes tighter every day, trying to asphyxiate Nicaragua. Not only are there hostilities on its northern and southern borders, but the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans have been effectively converted into zones controlled by the U.S. fleets. ... continuar...


Food Supply: Nicaragua’s Daily Challenge
“There isn´t any.” “It´s all out.” “We don´t have any.” These are the replies heard often in the markets of Managua and in stores throughout the country. At times there are no eggs or no bread or no milk. Other times there is no soap or chicken or cheese.... continuar...


The Coup In Guatemala: First Impressions
On August 8th the commanders of 22 military garrisons of Guatemala removed from office the President of the Republic, General Efraín Ríos Montt. In his place they named the former minister of defense, General Oscar Mejía Víctores.... continuar...

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