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  Number 269 | Diciembre 2003



The Twelve Days that Shook Nicaragua
Nicaragua’s destiny can’t possibly be linked to Arnoldo Alemán’s impunity, but his Liberal followers are doing just that. Nor can it be linked to Daniel Ortega’s presidential aspirations, but that’s what his Sandinista followers are aiming at. And finally, its destiny simply must not be linked to US interests, but the government of Enrique Bolaños is surely linking it. This fatal triangle led to the nation’s latest great crisis. ... continuar...


Why Two Petty Peddlers Wanted to Buy Electoral Time
The first visible expression of the now failed Ortega-Alemán pact Act II was the decision of those two caudillos to reform the Constitution to allow them to put off the 2004 municipal elections and hold them with the national ones in 2006. What motivated these two small-time peddlers to commit such an outrage against local democracy?... continuar...


There’s No Quick Way Out of This Crisis
In this most recent crisis, the words and attitude of Henry Ruiz, one of the most respected historic Sandinista figures, are especially relevant. What does the legendary Comandante “Modesto” think about what is happening in Nicaragua?... continuar...


The FACS: A Microcosm of National Ills
The FACS, one of the most important Nicaraguan NGOs, is going through a crisis that mirrors the national crisis in several ways. Henry Ruiz has been linked to the FACS since it started up and is currently vice president of its board of directors. He talked to envío about the situation there.... continuar...


Presidential Elections up in the Air: First Round Results
A resounding “No!” to General Ríos Montt. A lower abstention rate, revealing Guatemalans’ rejection of their country’s militaristic, authoritarian and oligarchic past. And a pluralistic Congress,made up of a large number of political forces. These are the striking first-round results in this year’s elections.... continuar...


Latin American Leaders: Life Inside the Glass Prison
Although written a decade ago, these reflections offer an insight into Latin America’s government leaders today. Their personality types, their goals and ambitions, the circles of followers surrounding them and their decision-making limitations or skills make it easy to identify Nicaragua’s various incarnations of the breed.... continuar...

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