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  Number 268 | Noviembre 2003



The “Powell Effect” on the Three Political Forces
US Secretary of State Powell’s brief stopover in Managua left in its wake a number of changes in the political scene. Most affected was the FSLN, whose opportunistic alliance with President Bolaños was undermined by Powell’s call for Liberal unity without Alemán in exchange for the former President’s freedom. ... continuar...


Sorry, Uncle Powell, The Sams Are Ours
US Secretary of State Colin Powell visited Nicaragua in early November with a political agenda focused mainly on the Nicaraguan Army. In the end, the army said “No” to the United States, which was the only good part of Powell’s visit. The following is a chronicle of reiterated imperial power. ... continuar...


Nestor Avendaño: Where Is the State’s Role in the National Development Plan?
A respected Nicaraguan economist shares his critical reflections on the pardoning of Nicaragua’s foreign debt as part of the initiative for highly indebted poor countries (HIPC) and on the huge gaps in the National Development Plan, all against the backdrop of CAFTA. ... continuar...


RICH STATE EMPLOYEES VS. POOR When President Bolaños presented next year’s national budget bill, he also proposed cutting 10% of the salaries of 230 top officials who earn over 50,000 córdobas... continuar...

El Salvador

ARENA’s 15-Year Legacy in the Transition
Central America is about to sign a free trade agreement with the United States and El Salvador is presenting itself as the country best prepared to face this challenge. But is this really true? What have 15 years of rightwing neoliberal governments wrought in El Salvador? A lot of what has taken place and is still taking place today reflects the serious problems related to Central American transition. ... continuar...


Good-Government Committees: A New Stage for the Zapatistas
In an intriguing initiative, the EZLN has organized nearly half the state of Chiapas into five “Caracoles” run by Good-Government Committees. These committees are guided by the words on a banner that runs across the main road into town: “Here the people rule and the government obeys.” ... continuar...

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