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  Number 265 | Agosto 2003



Three Celebrations and a Host of Scenarios
Did Vice President Rizo really attempt a coup against his boss? Will Daniel Ortega get Arnoldo Alemán out of prison, and if so, when? What role will Eduardo Montealegre play in the Liberal split? Will the state reforms free the institutions from party ties or will they further consolidate the PLC-FSLN pact? Such questions waft in the putrid air of impunity ... continuar...


The National Police under Attack: The Clues Behind the Crisis
Nicaragua’s police force is still proud of its Sandinista origins, but it has just gone through the worst crisis in its short institutional history as the National Police. What was behind it and how is it being dealt with? ... continuar...


“We Live Alongside Drugs in Bluefields”
Bluefields, capital of the South Atlantic Autonomous Region, is embroiled in a complex and alarming problem that makes one feel inundated and powerless, the municipal mayor included. ... continuar...


HIGH-FLYING US BIRD BROUGHT DOWN On July 11, the National Police captured a young US banker named Marc Harris and deported him in a matter of minutes in a lightning operation ordered directly... continuar...


The Challenges of Bioethics: What the Different Religions Have to Say
All religions postulate that human life is sacred, but not all have the same reflections and positions on bioethics. Learning about the different religions’ interpretations on cloning euthanasia, the use of in-vitro embryos and many other realities can only enrich our own reflections. ... continuar...


Will Anyone Register the General?
Resolutions and appeals of all kinds have been presented in this case, but the decision on allowing General Ríos Montt to run for President— in spite of a constitutional prohibition—is not only a legal one. The violence around his candidacy has helped unveil the hidden powers that still pull the strings in Guatemala. ... continuar...


More Than Just a Canal
In the first six months of this year, a social security crisis, serious and unpunished corruption cases, the rising cost of living and an insipid political contest have been just some of the smoldering focal points of crisis in a country that is more than just a canal.... continuar...


Voters Abstain as the Old Regime Regains Force
With 52%, abstention was the big winner in the July 6 elections. It had already hit 42% in 1997, before the “democratic euphoria” created by the PRI’s loss in the 2000 presidential elections, but it rocketed past that in this year’s legislative elections even though six state and four local governments were also up for grabs, which normally ups turnout. Mexican voters were out to punish the government for mishandling the country’s new democratic opportunities. ... continuar...

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