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  Number 264 | Julio 2003



How Do We Dig Ourselves Out of the Hole?
Caught up in very negative political traditions, with its economy stagnant, its human development in tatters, and its state institutions controlled by shameless political leaders, Nicaragua is in a deep hole. Who will dig it out? And when?. ... continuar...


Nicaragua’s Future: Hooking Children on Books
The Libros para Niños (Books for Children) Foundation has been working for the past 10 years to encourage a love of books and reading among children and adolescents. In a talk to envío,its director describes that philosophy and its experiences and approaches first-hand. ... continuar...


The Bankruptcy of Municipal Governments and the Swindle of Municipal Autonomy
On July 3, the National Assembly approved the transfer of 4% of the national budget to the municipal governments starting in 2004. Will this relative economic bonanza bring effective decentralization? For the outgoing mayors, tired of the municipal autonomy swindle, this important news comes after years of eluding bankruptcy. ... continuar...


ALEMÁN PROPERTIES EMBARGOED On June 20, the Attorney General’s Office ordered the state to seize La Chinampa, a 1,700-acre farm belonging to the Alemán family, along with 50 properties owned... continuar...


For the Forests, For Water, For Life
The March for Life left Juticalpa, Olancho, to begin the week-long journey to the capital after a Mass conducted by Father Andrés Tamayo. The march was organized to defend Honduras’ forests and succeeded in focusing the whole country’s attention on this issue, which is linked to the continuing struggle against the privatization of water. ... continuar...


Why Do They Go? Theories on the Migration Trend
Given the planetary migratory trend, Nicaragua is playing in the big leagues. Each theory about international migration has its own implications for policy formulation, making it extremely important to become familiar with them and reflect on their different focuses. ... continuar...

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