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Central American University - UCA  
  Number 263 | Junio 2003



The Alemán-Ortega Pact Has Bolaños on a Short Leash
Enrique Bolaños’ project is handicapped by adverse game rules and hostage to the two caudillos who control the other branches. Meanwhile, his war on corruption has left him with no party; the economic recession is making him very unpopular; and his highly image-based presidential style doesn’t reflect the country’s reality. ... continuar...


<i>Maquilas</i> Are Like Aspirin: Temporary Pain Relief but No Cure
Information and opinions on the free trade assembly plants operating in Nicaragua, with a closer look at an anomaly: the contradictions of one such industrial plant operating in the middle of nowhere. ... continuar...


She Said, He Said: A Survey on Sex and Gender
An analytical look at a survey conducted among Central American University students takes us into the gender dimension of off-hour practices and preferences, and offers us an opportunity to reflect on the thrusts and parries of Nicaragua’s patriarchal system. ... continuar...


THE DRUG WORLD OF THE CARIBBEAN COAST Throughout the month of May, the public was treated to increasingly precise and serious news reports about the extensive penetration of drug trafficking... continuar...


The Myrna Mack Case: Continuing Impunity
A country isn’t viable unless people have confidence in its justice system, and Guatemala’s justice system has once again proven itself unworthy of any such confidence. In the eyes not only of its citizens but also of the whole world, the system is ineffective, weak and more than willing to ensure the impunity of the groups in power that hold it hostage.... continuar...


The Birth of a New Alliance
The US punishment of Mexico for opposing the invasion of Iraq has given yet more impetus to a new national grassroots alliance that has formed to promote national unity against neoliberalism. This carefully forged alliance is stirring hope.... continuar...


Governability in Cuba’s Uncertain Transition
Cuba is again at the center of world debate. Many analysts ignore or do not come to grips with the characteristics of the transition Cuba has been undergoing for over a decade. But an understanding of this uncertain transition explains better than anything what is happening, what just happened in March and April, and what will likely happen in the future. ... continuar...


A Necessary Reflection on Recent Events
The world is not a simple place. It cannot be explained in the sharply contrasting tones that provide such delight to simple thought. It has actually never been simple, but this is truer now than ever.... continuar...

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