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  Number 262 | Mayo 2003



Our Place in the World
As candidates queue up for next year’s municipal election race, the US Project for a New World moves inexorably forward, having already assigned Nicaragua its place. ... continuar...


We Don’t Ask for Favors, We We Don’t Ask for Favors, We
The coordinator of the “Boris Vega” People’s Legal Practice relates the experiences of this grassroots legal service in Masaya, which has achieved a number of notable successes. ... continuar...


THE DATA TRADE News that a Guatemalan business in Nicaragua called Infor.net plus two other companies had for months been gathering personal data on Nicaraguans (name; address; profession; phone... continuar...


Has ‘Social Cleansing’ of Gang Members Spread to Honduran Jails?
The carnage in El Porvenir and the serial killing of other youth gang members raises suspicions of a national “social cleansing” campaign promoted by business sectors, with the tolerance or complicity of the government authorities. ... continuar...


The Information Age: Understanding our World
The US war against Iraq was not only ethically unjustifiable, but was also an expression of the arrogant use of old methods by a society that is now obsolete, an expression of the total absence of imagination to make creative and constructive use of the new methods of the Information Age. ... continuar...

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