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  Number 26 | Agosto 1983



U.S. Military Exercises Threaten Central American Peace
On its fourth anniversary the Sandinista revolution finds itself in one of its tensest moments in the last four years. The most important cry during the celebrations was the struggle for peace, which is to say, the struggle for survival. NEWS ANALYSIS: JULY 5 - AUGUST 5, 1983... continuar...


Agrarian Reform in El Salvador and Nicaragua Pacification or liberation?
Everything is different between Nicaragua and El Salvador, two neighboring countries. And everything displays and questions the contradictions in U.S. policy, which seeks a strategy of symmetry. Different also are the agrarian reform projects being carried out in El Salvador and in Nicaragua.... continuar...


Honduras: From Banana Republic to U.S. Military garrison a Visit to Puerto Castilla's military center
If any country of Central America deserves the name “banana republic”, it is Honduras. The banana enclaves on the Atlantic side have made of this country a pseudo-colony, extremely dependent on the U.S., and not just in economic matters. ... continuar...

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