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  Number 258 | Enero 2003



Will Clusters Bring Development?
In a talk at envío , Nicaraguan economist Arturo Grigsby analyzed and questioned the development strategy that is part of the Bolaños government’s promised national project.... continuar...


From One Crossroads to Another
The crossroads reached when Alemán lost his immunity was followed by another created with the budget veto. While the alliances that characterized last year are adjusting and readjusting along the way, shortsightedness and lack of self-criticism are still producing blind spots when it comes to choosing the best road. ... continuar...


The Scars of War: De-mining Fields and Minds
Anti-personnel mines are the cruelest vestiges of the war. Their unexpected explosions are the beat of funeral drums, accompanying the long, painful process of relearning to embrace a culture of peace. ... continuar...


ARMS TRAFFIC SCANDAL The controversial results of an investigation conducted by the Organization of American States at the request of the Nicaraguan, Panamanian and Colombian governments into... continuar...


Word Games and Election Games
In his third and final report on the state of the nation, President Alfonso Portillo employed his habitual rhetoric to twist and distort reality. So began 2003, an election year, even as the constantly increasing sense of insecurity and the serious threat posed by the “hidden powers” darken the country’s horizon. ... continuar...


The Zapatistas Break their Silence
In an incident that helped break the Zapatistas’ long silence, Subcomandante Marcos described Spanish judge Baltasar Garzón as a “fascist” while Garzón countered that Marcos was a “drifting ship.” It can only be hoped that this serious mistake, which Marcos has tried to rectify, will not affect the cause he represents on the international level. ... continuar...

América Latina

Brazil’s Landless Movement: “Our Aim Is to Topple Three Walls...”
“We feel proud and victorious because we elected President Lula.” “Now we have the chance to implement a real agrarian reform.” “We see latifundia as our enemy and Lula’s government will play a fundamental role in democratizing land ownership in Brazil…” “We’re motivated by hope and trust that another Brazil is possible.” Brazil’s Landless Movement, Latin America’s most important and combative social movement, greeted Lula’s victory with these words. What are the key aspects of its emergence, growth and achievements? ... continuar...

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